Create custom Kontakt Library (.nkx) on OS X

This may be one of the most asked questions about Native Instruments Kontakt software.
Here we are learning how to add all those libs that won't load using "Add Library" button in Kontakt.

Pasted Graphic

Tools you need:

a) Terminal
PlistEdit Pro
(or any other image editor as Pixelmator, GraphicConverter, Gimp...)

I'll use, as example, the Kontakt synth
Hollow Sun GUI Shell I bought recently.

Lets start:


Open Terminal and execute these lines:

cat /dev/null > "/Users/macJan/Desktop/HollowSun - GUI Shell_info.nkx"
cat /dev/null > "/Users/macJan/Desktop/HollowSun - GUI Shell_info.nkc"

Of course, "macJan" is the name of MY user folder so you must exchange it with YOUR name

Put these 2 files into HollowSun - GUI Shell folder.


Fire up your image editor and create a .png file of 574x99 pixels resolution.
Once you're happy with the image created, call it
wallpaper and move the file in HollowSun - GUI Shell folder


Goto: (main)
Library/Preferences folder and make a copy on Desktop of com.native-instruments.Content.plist
Open the plist in
PlistEdit Pro.
New Sibling button to add a new entry and type down the two infos as in the pic:


IMPORTANT: Make sure that the k2lib value you enter is different than the existing ones.
Save the file and move it back to Library/Preferences directory.
(since Lion and above, admin privileges are required to make any changes in main lib directory,btw)


Load Kontakt and use "
Add Library" button to add the new ready made library

Happy Librarizing :)


Always make a fresh copy of the Content.plist before to edit it!
Its easy get the plist corrupted making many edits on it or if your K.Lib is very big. (I did direct experience of that)

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Download this tutorial as rtf file

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