Reaktor Ensembles by Stephan V

Krachmaschine v3.0
Virtual Analog Drummachine
9-channel drumsynth. 3 sine channels, 3 noise channels and 3 sampler channels. first sine note is c2, then up on the white keys.
very hard and noisy sound, good for ebm/industrial drums. includes the Drum16 sequencer from the reaktor4 library. i've programmed a simple pattern to show you how to abuse it.

there's a small problem with the sequencer. you have to deactivate the "on" button and then activate it again to get it run.

updated version. now it recieves midi on channel 1. so it should make sound if you play on your computer-keyboard. some other small changes.

MX-6000 v4.0
Polyphonic Synthesizer
polyphonic virtual analog synth inspired by the memory-moog. nothing special, but solid work for the everyday life of an ebm-musician.
- 3 vco's with triangle, sawtooth and variable pulse waves, sync, noise generator
- 24dB filter (low-/highpass)
- 2 adsr-envelopes for filter & amp
- 1 lfo with triangle, saw, pulse and random waveforms
- "voice modulation"
- distortion, modulation delay
- a simple arpeggiator
- unison pan spread (only if voice mode is set to unison)

the instrument has 32 snaps. the next update will have some more, also full midi-implementation and hints for all controls. enjoy it!

1st update:
- full midi implementation (see pdf-file)
- hints for all controls
- reworked voice mode section with sequencer inputs
- new snaps

revision 2.1:
- midi assignment corrections

revision 2.2:
sometimes my brain is a bit slow....

2nd update:
- bandpass and bandstop filters
- invertable filter envelope
- corrections in the "voice mode"-macro

3rd update:
- oscillators with multiple waveforms
- reduced panel size
- pitch bend to pitch or filter

Machine Gun II v1.2
Virtual Analog Drumsynth
This is a new version of my drumsynth. it's not just an update, it's a completely reworked version built up from zero.
-8 channels
-each channel with 7 virtual analog algorithms (bassdrum, snaredrum 1, snaredrum 2, tom, fm, hihat, and cymbal) and one sampler-algorithm
-pattern sequencer
-4 output busses

Nord v1.2
Polyphonic Synthesizer
This is not a real Nord-Lead-emulation! It's a simple general purpose polysynth with a very low cpu consumption similar to a nord lead.
- 3 vcos (two main, one sub), fm, sync
- multimode filter
- vca with saturation
- two lfos
- three envelopes
- a very basic arpeggiator
- delay effect
- pitch, gate and control voltage inputs for sequencer control

Proton 5 v2.0
Polyphonic Synthesizer
-3 vcos: 2 main, 1 sub. the main vcos can operate as standard virtual analog oscillators or as small fm-operators; vco can operate as wavetable oscillator

-2 vcfs with many different filter types, adstr envelope

-1 vca with adstr envelope

2 lfos with standard and user definable waveforms, envelope mode, keytracking (lfo 1) and waveform quantization (lfo 2)

-modulation matrix on panel b

-effect section on panel b with overdrive, equalizer, chorus and delay

Pulse v1.0
Percussion Synthesizer
6-voice percussion synthesizer.
two vcos
two vcfs
overdrive unit between the filters
three adr-envelopes
one lfo
mixer section with equalizer
delay and reverb effects
built in pattern sequencer
all synth and mixer parameters can be set for each voice independently

RedDrum v1.0
10 channel drum sampler
new version of my propellerheads redrum emulation. now with external sequencer (i don't really need sequenced instruments).
the ensemble contains a sample set with some 909 samples. feel free to replace them by your own samples!

Schlachzeuch-R5 v2.1
virtual analog drumsynth
reaktor 5 version of my favourite drumsynth. new design, new equalizer, 3 output busses and some other changes. the sequencer is now placed in a seperate instrument.
sampler modules areì resynth modules with adjustable playback speed.
loop players with variable loop length and startpoint.

SH-2000 v3.0
SH-101 emulation with special features
some kind of a roland sh-101 emulation. i´ve added a second vco, velocity control and an effect section with distortion and delay. simple but effective synth.
the ensemble includes my plasma pattern sequencer.

updated version. some improvements in the structure; synth can play polyphonic, try changing the number of voices. unison detune & pan spread functions.

2nd update with chorus effect

Space Drone + v1.0
Simply And Pure Evil.
a synth from hell's deepest abyss.
additive synth concept based on space drone from the r5 library with a few extensions playable via keyboard.
it's a bit cpu-hungry, handle with care!

SURIV-A v1.2
Advanced Simulated Analog Synthesizer
some kind of a access virus a emulation (not 100%).

3 oscillators (2 main, 1 sub) with saw, pulse and 64 spectral waveforms (original virus samples), sync and fm
2 independent multimode filters with up to 6 poles and different routing possibilities
2 adstr-envelopes (t=time)
2 lfos
delay and chorus/flanger effects
velocity and modulation matrix

an extremly flexible synth to produce sounds from "normal" analog sounds to totally insane ones. thanks to franz raith for his very nice knobs:-)

Virtual Prophet v1.0
Virtual Analog Retro-style Synth
emulation of the pro-53 synth with some additions.
i think i don't have to say much about this synth. i've added a suboscillator, a saturation stage after the filter and a velocity-matrix editable via two simple menus. thanks to Anthony Imbo for his very nice keyboard.

Tritium v4.0
Virtual Analog Synth
polyphonic synthesizer for general purpose
-4 oscillators (3 main, 1 sub), sync & fm, ringmodulation, osc 1 with 62 access virus waves, noise generator
-2 independent multimode filters; bandpass and bandstop with adjustable bandwidth, filter 2 with 4 alternative filter modes
- shaper and distortion unit with flexible routing options
-3 envelope generators, 2 lfos
-effect section with chorus, phaser, equalizer and delay
-36 presets to give you a small overview of the possibilities of this synth

i hope you enjoy it!

1st update: fixed bug with switches, modulation matrix on panel b and some new snaps.

2nd update: found a bug with the delay effect. alternative unison mode based on grain delays for playing fat unison sounds without reducing polyphony.

3rd update: pitchbend bug fixed

ZS-2000 v2.0
Polyphonic Synthesizer
A new version of an old ensemble. new graphics, new snaps, reworked synth-engine, etc...

- 2 main oscillators with saw, pulse, triangle and sine waves + sub osc & noise generator
- 2 filters; filter 1: 12dB highpass, bandpass, notch and lowpass, 24dB lowpass; filter 2: 12dB lowpass with input-saturation
- 3 adsr envelopes
- 2 lfos
- a lot of modulation possibilities
- delay effect (on panel B)
- sequencer control inputs

i decided to replace the phase-offset-modulation by regular pulsewidth modulation for saving cpu-power.

update with "real wheels".

ZS-5000 v1.0
Polyphonic Synthesizer
New extended version of my ZS-2000 synth.

- 3 oscillators + sub osc & noise
- 2 filters (1 multimode and 1 2pole-lowpass)
- 3 envelopes
- 2 lfos
- lfos and mod env now with multiple destinations
- delay effect and mod-matrix on panel b