Best of Reaktor User Library april 2.013


Granulator v1.2
By Jürgen Mayer

Sample Transformer
Sample Transformer and Granular Synth


By chietronix aka 大高ジャッキー

1 week from the production of MPC-SUPER STUPID. Mind because the opposite, I tried to upgrade.
You have been setting the specifications of the Korg pad KONTROL Black.
By connecting to 16 mixer a simple sampler, delay was also attached.
By using the 10 channel the MIDI channel of the instrument of all, to the Korg pad KONTROL Black and From External Device of connect, can be controlled perfectly.



ADD 16 - Container for Modular X v1.1
By Matthias Schaffner

Additive Oscillator for Modular X Framework
When I was browsing for additive synths in the library, I came across one called "ADD 16", which I found interesting and decided to put something similar into a Container for the Herw Modular X.

It's basically 16 oscillators with harmonic multiplication, on the B-Panel you have a broader view and the option to switch the waveform of individual voices and on the A-Panel is a small crammed together version that allows quick access to all other parameters.

I have included an example ensemble with 4 snapshots to demonstrate it.

You can also take the main macro out of the container and use it in other synth creations if you want to, everything is in one Macro this time.

here you can find the original "ADD 16" ensemble:

V1.1: now with input port labeling :)


Carbon Mod v1.6
By Alexander Haberer

100+ snaps, new filters and a new interface
Well, what is this? A sneak peek at the Reaktor 6 library? Wish it were ...

No, this is essentially a collection of approximately 100 snapshots for my version of the famous Carbon synthesizer by Mike Daliot. So please don't judge the ensemble in respect to technical innovations, since there are none. The ensemble's name should not be taken too earnest ... we all hope there will be a Carbon 3 in the near future.

Let me give some explanations concerning the ensemble structure. As you can see I changed some filters, replaced the third envelope and added some minor features. Last but not least I wanted to give the synth a more contemporary look that fits better to the color scheme of the current version of Reaktor. Drawing those knobs was no fun ...

Let me add some remarks about the snaps. In designing the sounds I was curious if it was possible to get more of those warmer, rich textured analogue-style sounds out of this wonderful piece of software. A capitalized M following the snapshot name indicates that the respective preset reacts to mod wheel changes.


RadoStar v1.0
By Michael Stocker

some new modules for the modular-X
Some more new modules for the modular-X + a demo ensemble.

As usual: most credit goes to herw for creating the great modular-x framework.

The minBrain (thought I uploaded it seems I did not):

This is a compact MIDI-input and final output module. I wanted to have a small module, that is quick to wire up for basic MIDI input and final output.

miniBrain has two mixable and panable audio inputs, that can be attenuated by an internal ADSR.

It also provides core MIDI-functionality: Pitch, Gate, Vgate (and an output for the internal Envelope).

Radio is a bit of a mixed blessing. Due to terribel core programming (by me, I should really learn how to program core one day...) and some odd functionality choices it is a bit of a CPU waster...

Anyway: Basic idea is to have a module, that facilitates FM. It also adds some other "tricks":
Basically you can

- set frequency ratios for outputs from one pitch input (don´t ask why I forgot to normal that one to MIDI...).

- add a frequency offset to one output and subtract it from the other (for floaty chorus like sound)

- Modulate the frequency by linear FM (AC and/or DC coupled or Ac coupled with DC depth control)

- Quantise frequency shifts for chiptunes and wavescanning like sounds

More documentation should be in the zip file.

Have fun!

The ensemble also contains my previously uploaded shaper and a slightly modified oscillator (added pitch default MIDI-pitch,if nothing is patched to the P input).


By sebastien ricolfi

Layer Synth & matrix LFO
First synth !

Just Simple stuff:
-3 layers synth
-4 LFO with matrix assignment
-Master section with overload (be careful...)
-Each layers has a separate output if you want to root in your DAW with specific effect.

I imagine there's some bugs... so feel free to give feeback.



1.7 > add ON/OFF by channel


Swarmatrony v1.0
By Declan O'Regan

this is my first ever reaktor ensemble that i have made, it is based on the swarmatron,

i didn't make the delay in it..


TG-8L-bbcb v1.1
By Nick Petty

Another Mod to the TG-8H
Just Love what Rick and Lazyfish have done here, enjoying building the UIs and making small tweaks to record long pieces to listen to later.

Here is a quick low res video of it in action.