Best of Reaktor User Library april 2.012


AlkeDelay v1.2
By riccardo ferri

Sequenced Delay with Comb Filter ability

I've taken and extended Alkesynth Delay.
AlkeDelay is a sequenced Delay with randomizer,HP/LP and Peak EQ.
There are 2 Tables for controlling Send and Delay Value,
It can be used as comb oscillator aswell, in this case the upper Table is used for Notes pitch.
Tables are snapshot dependant with zoom and loop/reverse ability.
You can control both Values using an external midi, and also you can write inside tables from an external midi,cc1 and cc2, or note/gate when you use it as comb oscillator.

3 Files inside, demo full and lite.
Try demo to look for comb oscillator examples.
Full version has a limiter on feedback channel (like L1 Waves).

Added features:

-Smoothed Random
-Send Knob
-Notes Delay (comb oscillator)
-Random for both tables with more options
-Playable/recordable from ext midi
-Autolimiter on Feedbak channel (Full Version Only)

**********UPDATE 1.1***********
-basic structure rewritten in corecell, less CPU usage
-hp and lp filters can now be used simultaneously and are inside the feedback channel
-added ping-pong button
-added Peak EQ autogain selector
-removed the Lite version
-added send and limiter meters
-fixed some knobs with correct values (db)

********update 1.2*********
minor bugfix for a numeric readout not working properly


FL4TT3RY 2 v1.0
By Dan Worrall

Bus Compressor
This is a gentle and flattering compressor, inspired by a specific hardware unit I use a lot. It features a very soft and gradual knee, with no ratio control: drive the compressor harder to reach the higher ratios, which still sound surprisingly transparent thanks to the soft knee and the program dependant behaviour.

Also features a choice of RMS or peak detection methods, switchable high-pass filters for the sidechain, external sidechain inputs, and optional soft clipping for the output.

This Reaktor version provides a couple of extra options not found in the vst plugin. Specifically: stereo linking can be turned off for dual mono compression, and 4x oversampling can be switched in for just the saturation stage. Both these features are accessed via the "back panel": click the FL4TT3RY2 logo to switch.



melton.drone.granular.04 v1.2
By Jeffrey Melton

A simple granular drone machine
A simple drone machine, with two parallel granulators and serial filters with numerous controls for variation.

The signal path is: uno & dos (granulators) > Filter 1 > Filter 2 > Amp.

Scan controls add periodic variation (sine wave LFO). Jitter controls add random variation (random LFO). Note: the position.scan and rate controls affect the position slider in a not-always-predictable way.

Because of file size limitations, this is the EMPTY version, without any samples or snapshots. Import your own recordings and waveforms to explore a wide range of granular and pulsar synthesis (for the latter, I recommend Jovica’s basic waveform packs from

Download the FULL version with sample recordings and snapshots, which demonstrate a small range of possible tone colors and textures, from

Listen to 30 second previews of the snapshots as well as several extended personal examples at



Artist: Robot Singer v1.0
By hello programchild

Robot Singer
The Artist Robot Singer has always been one of my favorite singers.

Offers pitchrecording, realtime polyphonic pitch and a timestretch stepsequencer.

And 512 english words to choose from per step.

Pattern sequencer for long lyrics.


Wifebeater-Distorted Drums and Bass v1.1
By hello programchild

Distortion Drum and Bass
The name just means a white underskirt.

Rather check it out, as this thing kicks ass bigtime.

tilt, air and pumping.



Analogue Synth - The Mozzatron v1.2
By will hall

Analogie Synth All Rounder
This is my Analogue Synth which i created as part of my Point Blank Sound Design Course. It includes a number of Sound Banks and Snapshots covering Bass, Leads, Pads, Strings, Stabs, Chords & FX. To access snapshots, make sure you choose the instrument rather than the ensemble from the dropdown box directly below the snapshot tab.

This Synth is a great all rounder, perfect for musical stuff as well as the foundations of sound creation, and has a number of FX built into it.

The track below uses a number of sounds & chords created with this instrument.

Synth Overview:

-3 Oscillators
-Voice Mode + Envelope
-Oscilloscope - see the sound
-Volume and Mute for the Oscillator
-Filter Envelope
-Master Oscilloscope
-LFO to Filter Cutoff
-LFO to Pitch

Built In FX:

-Micro Space
-SE-IV Chorus
-Kleinstein Phaser
-Dual Sync Delay
-Frequency Shifter
-Pitch Shifter