Best of Reaktor User Library october 2.012


Boland JP8282 v2.1
By Glyn Darby

Synth loosely based on the JP8080
Here is another synth that i have just finished that is loosely based on the JP8080 with a few extra bits.


Shark5 v5.1
By Kim Joris Boström

Electrical sounding synth based on the physical modelling of a capacitor
I wondered how the waveform generated by a capacitor would sound. It should be both smooth and sharp, because it has the shape of a shark fin. One could never get such a shape from filtering the traditional square, pulse or saw. I programmed a core module that integrates an arbitrary one-dimensional differential equation in real-time, and fed it with the parameters of a capacitor circuit. Out came an oscillator that, combined with one standard oscillator and two special filters, sounded really ELECTRIC. Indeed, it is almost impossible to have this synth produce some natural sounds like flute or so. But I like that. Maybe you too...