Best of Reaktor User Library october 2007


Dirt Delay v1.1
By Eric Boden


a dirty modulation delay for dirty modulations!!!

it's based on the core tape delay from the core tutorials. i wrote a short manual in the info box of the instrument, so i won't explain too much by now.

hope you like


NashDrive v1.0
By Luca Capozzi


Creamy overdrive

A nice and creamy overdrive done using a formula found on some John Nash paper about gravity studies. it sounds great as waveshaper :D

1/2(3 n^3 + 7 n^2 + 11n) + (2n+1)


sparDelay v3 v1.2
By rick scott


improved with lots of new snaps
camelspace-ish filter delay with distort, boost, sparsify, mobiliize, randomate.
good* for all sorts of audio: groove loops, melodies, vocals.
* - in a rachMiel way



Flakes v1.1
By sonictwist !


Interactive Granular Sample Mangler

Four colours represent four scenes wich can be triggered from sequencer. Each scene got many parameters wich can be altered using interactive controllers. Each controller got 8 sliders, 4 sliders for first parameter
(left mouse), another 4 for second parameter (right mouse).
Sequencer's velocity can be routed to control sampler's amplitude and release time (separately).
Beat the shit out of your favourite loops, create glitching sounscapes, record weird one-shot samples and much more...
read the tips for more information over each object.


fLuxus v2 v1.2
By rick scott


granular sampler playground

swiss knife tool for granular sampling re-synthesis with lots of randomization and randomation.
note: the snaps only show the smidgen of what this guy can do. pretty much every parameter can be controlled on its own, either manually or through randomation.
think of it as a laboratory for granular re-synthesis. that's why i did ... having modeled it after granulab.


loachm Scrape & Polish v0.1 v1.0
By Christian Schneider


D&B Sample Synth

...this is a small instrument I made today. Nothing special and in fact, these are my first steps in Reaktor and I'm very surprised how easy the program actually is (I have just been trying and haven't read the manual,
yet). There are surely things that could be managed more elegant, but this is just the beginning of a bigger project - and I'm really open to feedback and suggestions.

It's just my attempt to replace my comprehensive Kontakt multies, since Kontakt can't handle certain routings I want to achieve at all or without a huge CPU-load. Some fx chains will follow as well as modulation possibilities, hopefully a legato function (if it's possible) and improved filters (once I have figured out what I'm doing). I hope you'll like it and that we'll see some updates in the near future. In the end hopefully it'll be a sample synth which is liht on the CPU and into which you'll drop your samples and modulate them like crazy...



Helix v2.0
By Luca Capozzi


Genetic Drum Machine

A very special drum machine made featuring genetic algorithm. The eight samples are triggered by childrens. Each couple of children is generated by single point crossing over of two parents chosen in the Couple macro. As bonus, a map full of circuit bent samples from my incoming library for Reason and Kontakt. Feel free to use'em on your songs.

Remember to check

Changelog: v2.0:
- clock improved with d. battaglia's fix
- new Crossing-Over implementition. Now you can select between random sequencers (as on 1.0) or "Manual" mode. In "Manual" mode you can select the crossing-over split point using midi notes. In this way, Helix can be also useful during song arranging and production.


Terminal Glitch v1.0
By Dean Lowe


Percussion/Melody Sequencer

Terminal Glitch is a 4 track Percussion/Melody Sequencer especially designed for IDM and Glitch music, although it can be used for any sort of music you like.
It features 4 Oscillators each with dedicated Gate Sequence and Filter section. A global pitch sequence (scale sequence is a more suitable name) with a list of predefined scales to choose from and a user definable scale which is capable of microtonal scales. Automatable faders (some dedicated, others assignable) and a repeater section based on Exile's Glex module. The sequencers also feature controllable step randomization.

Please click on the 'B' view for further utilities and a small user manual covering some of the more complex operations.
Big thanks to Rick Scott (my randomizers are a poor man's version of his excellent macros), Clist (song/pos clocks) and Theologiae (for the sequencer tutorial) and many others for the inspiration.



By Jason Pottorff


jazzyspoon's wierd synth noise maker

Many thanks go to all the folks who built the parts to this beast such as: Johann Meier, Dieter Zobel, Stephan V., Daniel Mondry, Rick Scott, Bernard Kiel, and probably a dozen others I can't find right now.
Please forgive my Reaktor noobness.
Many months after building this Frankenstein monster, I still don't know all that it is capable of.
So have fun exploring it.

Press Play.
Explore the presets, press the random buttons, tweak the graphs, load the sampler, punch the monkey, shave the chickens.
But Be Careful Of Your Volume.
I used a earlier sloppy version of this to create textures and synths for an album of mine called Architexture. Thought I would share. All feedback is welcome, though the technical jargon will only partly be understood. :)


AREPO-m2 v5.0
By Don Dailey


Further adventures of Glitch Sampler

Another variation on the Glitch Sampler, introduced by Dave Pape on his blog ( The main feature of AREPO-m is the BPrT Modal Filter, which gives a tuned percussion quality to sounds passed through it, so all snaps will sound like some mutated mallet percussion instrument. Good for special occasions and whenever family is gathered 'round the hearth.

If you have downloaded EOS or HELIOS, you can substitude the sample maps from those for some interesting snaps.

V2 : added Bypass button on filter, Compressor (B-view), Sample view window and Master Tune. Note: all snaps were programmed with Filter ON.
V2.1 I added a better On/Off switch for the filter, so there's less of a volume difference.


purpurea 0.1b v1.1
By gabriel mulzer


sequenced formant oatmill

update : removed a zipping noise in the panning ( thanks Donavan ), also added a mini reverb
pitchforced cloud with drag+draw wavescan, formantshift and resonators, sequenced
designed to use with voice samples

R 5.1.1 002 compatible

credits :
1 sample stolen from Sir Wari ( Phil Durrant )

caveats :
I think there was some mistake with the sequencers behaviour but in the meantime I forgot what it was ..
also the display sometimes doesn't show the right sample


Sixteen v1.0
By Chet Singer


String machine with sixteen oscillators

This is a basic string machine that creates thickness by stacking sixteen oscillators instead of using a chorus.
Eight of the oscillators can be tuned one octave lower.
The SpaceMaster reverb is included to provide ambience.
Graphic control elements are by Vera Kinter at, and supplied by Bernd Keil.