Best of Reaktor User Library may 2.016


by Colugo_

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Quick and easy noise generator!


Super Genius
by Brett Lavallee

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In an expression of psychic-level intuition, you look up from your book in time to dodge a paper projectile; which was launched not-so-cleverly at your head. Sneering at your luck, the teacher commands you to the front of the class.

On the chalkboard, he has written an elaborate series of tests, far beyond the skill of your peers. Looking at you with pure disgust, you know what he is thinking; "This will put that punk in its place.." The students of the class aim their spit balls and lazer pointers, ready to distract you from your task.

As you begin to attack the equations, a look of surprised anger forms on the teachers face. As if spoken aloud, you can hear him thinking; "Impossible, that little brat is smarter than me!"


Thanks to Paule Amca for the snapshot bank "Born on a Sunday"

Blocks by Colugo_, Jim Hurley, Michael Hetrick, Matthew Friedrichs, Stephen Lovesey

v1.3 Adds a few more snapshots & balances volume levels among old snaps



by Kim Joris Boström

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This is a multi-effect device that combines several typical glitch effects such as highpass filter, lowpass filter, bit crusher, distortion, digital delay, roll and pingpong echo, scratching, tape stop, and stutter.

I have designed this effect towards usability, especially for live performance. There are just 8 knobs and 8 buttons, so it's easy to map to a MIDI controller without getting lost in features and settings.



Deep Note
by santiago vilanova

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Deep note allows you to morph between to polyphonic sets of oscillators, through a slider, a LFO or an ENV.
The initial will was to recreat the THX opening sequence, known as "the deep note":
and although this ensemble is a pretty close conceptual approach to that sound, it is capable of many other things.