Best of Reaktor User Library november 2.015


Dual Comb Synth
by Brett Lavallee

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This ensemble features two of Euroreakt's Comb Oscillators in conjuction with a pair of Highpass SKF filters, Stereoizers, and a Cascade filter. It was designed with DAW use in mind, so it has a minimal, yet effective design. It is good for lead and bass sounds that are unique and full of character.

With subtle use of the oscillator's comb features, the numerous FM options, and the Cascade's lush delay parameter, pleasantly resonant tones can be created that often sound vocal, like a talk box or vocoder effect.

For modulation, two envelopes are provided. The envelopes are also modulated, giving the ensemble velocity sensitivity and aftertouch. The modwheel activates a tremolo effect for additional expressiveness.

164 snapshots are included to demonstrate its capabilities, and for auditioning different settings quickly.


Euclidean Drum Grot
by Daniel Wincott

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Using the amazing Euclidean Rotator by Martin Wood, I have created a simple Blocks patch that creates chaotic patterns. I also use the Crackle Block by Michael Hetrick and the Drum Block from EuroReakt which are also amazing, thanks for your amazing Blocks.


by Colugo_

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A droning, bleeping thing.


by Brett Lavallee

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A basic setup for a high hat track. It features the excellent Euro-Reakt Hi-Hat oscillators and Tape Delay, and has a bold and versatile sound.

•Two Euro-Reakt Hi-Hat oscillators, each with a separate timbre
•Panning for each oscillator
•16 beat sequencer
•Tape style delay
•Designated LFO
•Output block with tone coloring, dc filter, limiting, and stereo width adjuster

The upload also comes with 128 snapshots for trying out rhythms and settings quickly. Please choose "Set BPM by snapshot" in options so they will load correctly.

This can do a lot more than Hats, so be sure to experiment and try the presets!
It includes blocks by Michael Hetrick, Joey Valizan, and Mete Atam.
In addition, I modded each block further for optimization in this circumstance.

Sequencer Tracks:
1) Hi-Hat 1 Closed
2) Hi-Hat 1 Open
3) Hi-Hat 2 Closed
4) Hi-Hat 2 Open

Pitch and pan each Hi-Hat separately to easily create dynamic sounding rhythms.
You can use extreme pitches and noise amounts for all sorts of strange percussion sounds.
The sample rate manipulator on the Tape Delay is also a great source for special effects.
Use low delay times and high feedback for lo-fi reverb sounds.


by Marcel Huibers

Pasted Graphic 4

Grain sample player.
**check the B panel for additional settings**

This is an extended version of the grain sampler player in a block form.
Specifically designed for sound design purposes, it features a
extremely precise playback speed, going as slow as 1/20.000th of the normal speed up to 50 times normal speed.
Reverse playback is also supported at those speeds.
Additionally it features a lag control for slow, gradual parameter changes (up to 4 minutes).
Also there is a mix feature for most controls gradually changing their values to the default.
Lastly a morphing control enables control of Reaktor's build in snapshot morphing (also with lag enabled for extremely long switches from one snapshot to another).
For morphing select a Korrel snapshot (not of the ensemble) and press 'Set B'. Then select another Korrel snapshot and start morphing.

Included in this upload is an additional block for globally controlling the lag. This is a feature I intend to use in the future for all my blocks.

Known Issues:
- Audio is saved with snapshots. Loading a snapshot without audio does not always clear the display. In this case it is displaying a waveform but nothing is played. In this case simply drag audio to the display to re-initialize.
- Long grain lengths on small sample's causing a stutter effect on the end of the sample. Intending to look into letting it wrap around, but as this is more intended for sound design and longer samples it possibly will be switchable.
- Lag function when activated tends to lag to the current position, causing jumps. When it catches up there is no problem.


by Brett Lavallee

Pasted Graphic 8

This is the reverb from the ensemble Cha Osc by Stephan Schmitt. This is the same reverb that was later used in the famous synths Prism and Spark. It has a beautiful sound and a pleasant pitch bending effect when modulating the size parameter. It also has built in high and lowpass filters, and a wet / dry mix control. I have also added a simple mod on my own, a switch that doubles the strength of the filters.


The Bulkhead
by Brett Lavallee

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A drum machine made using the Euroreakt modules and other user uploads.

This instrument lends itself to dark, industrial beats. It uses the Euroreakt's 'Resonator Bar' and 'High Hat' for metallic sounds, and the 'Drum' module for deep kicks and heavy percussion.

The Resonator Bar is run through a variation of Joey Valizan's ISHH, which acts like a pitch-dropping reverse delay. This makes all sorts of strange sounds possible. The High Hat is processed by Stephen Lovesey's Stereoizer, which manipulates its stereo image, and can lead to some very cool effects.

I also used a variation of the Metaverb block which gives it an input mixer, so all three Oscillators can be routed to its effect.

Modulation comes from a customized version of Mete Atam's Synced LFO, as well as the 'Drum' module's envelope outputs. The LFO has been modified so that it has separate outputs for each of its wave shapes. This gives the ensemble a wide variety of modulation types.

I also added a new wave shape to the LFO, a unipolar pulse wave. This is used by the oscillators to switch between two specific tunings, which enables you to create melodic rhythms easily.

To demonstrate the ensemble's capabilities, two banks of snapshots are included. Please be sure to select "Set BPM By Snapshot" in settings, or they won't load correctly.

•Note: The filter settings within the Out - Color block can be changed easily or even bypassed if you're having trouble getting the right sound.

I really hope you like this one! If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to let me know!

{Additional credits to Chet Singer for creating the original Resonating Bar, and Cal Scott who's chaos graphics I used for the Color block.}



WonderEcho 2.51
by Jochen Frehse

Pasted Graphic 6

Versatile Single/Dual Echo - Delay

-Mistakes+odd stuff found and fixed (Slight mono-problems and LFO smoothing)
- I added an "external-mode" for the XY pads with an new uncluttered gui appearing when used.
Ext: X/Y/Touch as knobs/Buttons for midi-learn and DAW-macro set-up. (XY-area then is only a visual-feedback of the XY-knob-position.
Automation-names: Ext1(or 2)-X, -Y, -Touch.
Internal mouse-mode(normal) Autom.-names: 1(or 2)-X, Y, Touch
(Everything triple checked and measured. Phase correlation 1(mono) stays at 1 with mono settings.)
-DAW/Maschine "awareness" raised / Autom. names added n' fixed / Structure is now much more tidy / some Infos + GUI updated / Presets updated / Duck default settings optimized.
(The response is better now. Please re-check the presets..
The Dimension-D: Very mono-compatible, smooth, big.)
The Tape-ish delay from the R6-library with added features...
Every detail is where it should be.
It sounds and responds wonderful, imho.
- Carefully set up structure
- DAW ready with custom automation-names
- Tool Tips
- B View with Tips/Manual
- Custom GUI
(Reaktor 6 and one more final Reaktor 5 .ens)

Important new things:
-Accurately sized XY-pad-blocks with mod ins and outs: X/Y/Touch/ModAmount.( to control e.g. monark-filter as pre-filter or mod anything else)
-Built in "self" ducking made with NI envelope-follower.
-Set XY-Touch to activate Mix/Input/FilterMix with attack/release + set minimum.

XY-pads can record and play by itself. (quantized length and speed/position in sync to song)
In a DAW the X/Y + "touch" is recorded as automation.



VSS2 v2.6.3r
by michael lancaster

Pasted Graphic 9

This is an older version 2.6.3r. this is the last version that is reaktor 5.9.2 compatible



by Marc Hönninger

Pasted Graphic 7

Drummachine featuring kick, snare and ride samples. For each one you can use the random function to switch between samples or turn the random knob to the left and select an individual sample with the select knob below. The glitch section are short delay times that you can trigger with both sequencers and adjust the delay time and envelope of the effect.
Here is a track I made using this ensemble


by Stephen Lovesey

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A flexible subtractive wavetable synthesiser with FM capability.


by David Frappaz

Pasted Graphic 3

This is made for fun but I thought it sounded good enough to be uploaded
4 monark Oscs and a secret ingredient to make unstable sounds (the typical Boards of Canada stuff)


Twin Wave Table
by 高橋

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It has two wavetables. Their frequency ratio can modulate with Envelope, LFO, Velocity, Modulation wheel.
Their output can mix with two algorithm.
Mix Balance can modulate with Envelope, LFO, Velocity, Modulation wheel.
Therefore can create easier wobble.
It has four LFO, can sync tempo.
It has six types of filter.
Filter and Amplitude, can modulate with Envelope, LFO, Velocity, Modulation wheel.
Pitch, can modulate with LFO, Pitch bend, Wheel.