Best of Reaktor User Library july 2.015


EnFX Filta
by GG.G SakabeaT

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Well known EnFX Filter Mod....

more filters (thx mike daliot;M. Brinkman; and all the others i forgot the name...)
More Filters
upper filter controls are linked to lower one
lower one are not linked to upper one
added Bimachine for demo purpose

5.8 compatible (xp powa!!!) it's why it's not 100% polished;and automation I.D is not 100% accurate....sorry 4 that...


La Beauté Cachée Delay
by GG.G SakabeaT

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Tape Echo based on the one in the core manual as a starting point....
added stereo ; tempo sync and a 2p filter modulated by a lfo...




Granular Sampler

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A Simply Granular Sampler



by Matthias Shaffner

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AmpDrum is basically 4 standard-808-type-VA-drum-modules with one twist:
Instead of just mixing the main signal with noise, it gets amplitude modulated (/ringmodulated) by the noise.
This produces some nice distortions and more natural sounding Analogue Drums.

Kick and snare both have 3 layers, one body and two noises, the lower noise can bypass the ringmodulator.
The hihat has two layers, one consisting of 6 detuned pulsewaves and noise,
since V1.1: Now with additional TOMs module for 3 tuned toms.

For all 4 modules you can choose the noise type at the bottom.
All modules are also connected directly to individual outputs.


ArabArp 1.5
by Daniel Malcom

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Scale limited synth arpeggiator with 5 oscillators, filter section and 2 LFOs. Includes the usual scales plus some arabic scales. 2 of which use microtuning. Each LFO can be assigned to 2 outputs.

Basic ideas thanks to Salamander Anagram and using the SeqDriver from Peter Dines.

All GUI elements designed by myself


Drum Seq 0.6.2
by david elson

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808 type kick, hat and clave with individual sequencers and multiple outputs + more...


TLOLTRSIAPAW_v1.1 (Two lonely OSCs listening to radio static in a post-apocalyptic wasteland)
by Marko Wunderlich

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Dear reaktor user community, dear Dieter,

not long time ago i switched my operating system and abandonned my complete software stack including reaktor. Due to a nasty inccident i was also forced to develop a severe G.A.S. concerning a certain kind of modular hardware. Due to this subliminal restraint i fell into an deep maelstrom, was fighting with cockroaches and helped old women crossing the road. In an desperate attempt to save my bank account i finally forced myself back to NI reaktor to build this one tool i wanted to have. I killed this illness once and for all.