Best of Reaktor User Library june 2007


BoogleBeta X v1.0
By Matthew Todman

BoogleBeat meets Vectory

Hello again, I left Booglebeat 2 alone in the woods at a rave, seems that he's got himself into DnB.
A Vectory window has appeard on the right (right click to turn on/off,same with the bar sequencer) along with pitch, amp tables, and a sample select window (max of 16x1 bar loops)All stored with the bar..
A forward control has been added (use with jump, or repeat held down with forward speed set to 1 to get the buzzy effect). All the key labels have been removed, but all is the same as Booglebeat 2 but with the step+ taken out and formard speed added. The sample maps only have one sample in (used for the TEST snap), so I recommend loading your own.

Listen to the demo to hear what he said when he got back from the rave!.... God I'm Sad!

Thanks to Clist (lenght detect, and gate macro), Theologiae and exile (Vectory.. I modded theo's version), Kid Sputnik (Song Pos), Sowari (making sure this works on Intel Macs).

BTW there maybe Bugs


Strum Machine v1.0
By Charles Capsis IV

guitar based step sequencer

...For those who can't play guitar or just want to strum their physically modeled and sample based string synthesizers.

Strum Machine is intended to be used as an .ISM, but I've included an .ENS version with a crummy guitar model to see the strumming MIDI step sequencer in action.

A brief README with directions is included.



Breath v1.0
By Oliver Saherwala


Breath is a Synthesizer with two oscillators, which is able to do some basic Ring- and Frequencymodulation.
I started with the Noise-oscillator to make windsounds and gave the ensemble the name breath, but after a while I changed the Synth completly, but the name remains.
Most effects are taken from other Ensembles of the reaktorlibrary and are slightly changed.
I know that some bugs still exist and I will correct them with the next update.
Then you will get more snapshots and maybe a small sequencer or arpeggiator, in case I understand how to build one.


Mundra v2.0
By Jonathan Style

Inspired by the Arp Axxe produced between the years 1975-81: Update

This ensemble is modeled after Arp Axxe synthesizer. I have incorporated as much of the voice architecture as I can, and them made some modification to make a bit more controllable.

Some point of clarification might me in order for understand what is going on.

1. The noise generator block can be routed to the Sample & Hold mixer by turning the S/H switch to the “On” position, otherwise only the Saw and Pulse wave shapes will be used from the mixer section. As modification the Sample & Hold mixer can be bypass and only noise sent to the S/H targets. This option is available on the “B” side of the instrument panel, the mixer has no effect on this however.

2. The Repeat function are located on the “B” panel as well. The repeat functions can utilize the free run LFO clock or the tempo sync’d parameter.

3. The “Gate” modification option for the VCA is a fixed AR envelope unless you activate manual control on the “B” panel at which time you can set the attack and release times.

4. The Modulation Wheel can be utilized to control the amount of modulation to the VCO & VCF, this is also set on the “B” panel.


skurrilia v2.0
By Dieter Zobel

emulation of bob moog's
legendary lavatory flush


Vintage Suitcase v1.0.1
By Jonathan Style

A collection of freely intrepreted emulations

This is a collection of Vintage synthesizer. I have post these previously but I have fixed them a bit which I hope will improve them. The ensemble contains freely interpreted emulation of:

1. Yamaha’s CS-5
2. Arp’s Axxe
3. Arp’s Odyssey

As well as:

1. Line mixer with send & Return
2. Re-skinned Micro-Space reverb effect from the effects library (with custom snapshots).

I have made several modification to the instruments, but have tried to flow the signal path of each instrument as closely as possible for me at this time.

When you load the ensemble you will have to locate the line mixer and change its preset from “All Off“ to another snapshot which will introduced the instruments.

The S/H Lag macro is by Thomas Chronz, also the VU Meter is from an ens. by Stephan V.