Best of Reaktor User Library Jan 2.007


Etylogen v1.0
By pierre-andre soulier

A delay? No! An etylogen delay!

4 delay line filtred with possibilities of pitch shifting and revers signal.

2 Lfo
1 Sequencer
1 Recordable X-Y
1 mod matrix 16x (6 in -> 32 dest)


kohruss v3.0
By Dieter Zobel

abused pitchshiphtor
good for guitars


R3order v1.2
By riccardo ferri

Realtime audio slicer

Insert in you host or else connect something "tempo synched" to the input

Reorder is an attempt to create a totally controllable Bram's SupaTrigga Plug-in.
I've added an alternative reverse mode (move rev forward of 1/2 slice)
In addition there's a Declick (on Bram's one there's something similar "always on") and a "decay" table.

Enable toolips for more infos!

v 1.0
-first release

- random pattern generator
- "swing" option

suggestions are more than welcome!
for contacts


Vintape v1.0
By Stefan Knauthe

Hello Userlibrarists, this is my very first ensemble. As you all know (or maybe not), i'm a huge fan of the scotish band "Boards of Canada". In Interviews they stated that they often use an old, almost defect Grundig tapemachine for recording, adding wow and flutter, saturation and hiss to the signal, to give it a "sound-ageing" feeling. This is what this ensemble simulates...: there are two wow&flutter units for left and right, followed by a saturation unit and a phaser/flanger section. This works on pads and noizes, but often a little finetuning is needed.

Credits go to Jo Orgren, the wow&flutter section is taken from his ensemble "Shortwave4". Also to Herwig Krass and members of the german reaktor forum for giving advice.



mono16 with skrewell v1.0
By gergely suto

sequencer combining elements of monoliner and drum16

Inspired by Theologiae's event table tutorial and by many Reaktor users' (and my own) desire to get Screwell to play rythmically, here's a hybrid sequencer based on monoliner, but using event tables for an easier editing, and using a drum16 extra feature to permit longer sequences. You have the choice for manual and sequenced mode, and things only start to screw up when you start using the flow-write functions, probably because information gets stored into snapshots about the whole instrument, including buttons I would like to leave alone. To be continued...



deVectory v2.0
By theologiae LLC

a remix of vectory

i have used vectory as a beat mangler for a long time, but i have never liked the layout or some of the features.
so, in this remix i tossed out some of the things i didn't like and added some things i do.

the first thing is i have two instruments here, one for the sampler and one for the sequencer. the sample window is visible (thank god)and i got rid of the midi controls. not a knock on exile, they are great, i just don't use them when i'm mangling.

the tables save with snapshots now, and not with exiles buggy multi-display set up. this means that you can now save beat edits and use them without fear of them being iterated out of the ens.
the gate, release, and range with interact with the tables (streach, decay and pitch respectively) are now with the table side of the ens. and can be saved there.

each table had a random (go figure) and the main beat and pitch tables have a clear (from peter dines) that resets the table, something that was a pain to do by hand. the randoms don't really help too much, i didn't find them too great of a feature, but i put them in everything, so there they are.

i have replaced the distortion with a comb filter, compressor and plain filter, just cuz i like the sound better.

but here is the big thing, to get a clean sound, with no FX, just clear the multi-display. much more clear for people just looking to glitch and mangle the beat.

the FX control is totally different. the main control looks the same, but now saves with snapshots. and the bar under it controls modulation that you can put on it. there is a random (rick scott's macro) and there is an lfo (from lazyfish's newscool r5). this is less then great for beat mangling, but if you are plugging this guy into a daw, there might be some really fun stuff here for you.

the beat sampler is a bit easier to use. i have the math set for just one sample at a time. while this is a cool feature of vectory, i use this guy to get a bunch of mangles out of one beats, not a mangle out of a lot of beats. but be very careful of the beat you use, if it's not right one, or you don't have the BPM set right, it wont loop. the small knobs next to the BMP will help, but only so much.

there are snap in there, but they were just a test to see if it works, so they might now be of use to you.

so have fun and let me know what else might be cool to do to this guy.

big thanks to rick scott, lazyfish, programchild, peter dines and tim exile.


Loop Chopper v1.0
By Joachim Schneider

Rearrange DrumLoops with Glex and Graindelay Functions

i wantet to create a machine for making these weird squarepusher/aphextwin-like drums... ok, still it's not as cool, but i'm still working on it and it would be nice, to get some suggestions from you for advanced and enhanced features, if you would be so kind to drop a line!

basically it's a resynth sampler (top macro) with sequenced trigger and sequenced modulation for sample selection and offset, so u can change offset and displayed loop on every step of the sequencer. i also added a random function, to change the sequencer szenes in different speed!
the bottom macro is a stacked macro with two - also sequenced - manipulation fx:
1. a grain-delay with a sequencer for delay (variable delay time up to 1000ms) and a sequenced glide effect, that tells the grain delay, how long it takes to reach the full delay length (a little like a portamento). the effect sound like a slur effect.
2. the second one is a sequenced glex core cell by tim exile. i love this god damn core cell... just play a little around, i'm sure you will love it!

both effects can be switched on or off, for editing the resynth scenes, it's more easy to swith them off!

rex_in.fx_3.1.0 v3.0
By Roy Campanella III

This is my initial attempt to build an ensemble that would allow me to apply cut-up effects and granular processing to samples and live audio in realtime using QWERTY and midi keyboard events to tigger the effects. The "input" button swithches the effect feed to audio input one allowing you to use this as a midi triggered insert effect.

You can assign the effects to any QWERTY or MIDI key you would like by right clicking (win) or control clicking (mac) on the effect enable button, selecting "midi learn" then pressing the key you want to assign that effect to.

I borrowed HEAVILY from other peoples' work.

lazyfish, clist, exile, and of course the NI macro building team.

Version 3.0 adds: - input and output level controls - true stereo signal processing - better signal flow structure for easier modification - new colors.

Travel Lisa
by Dieter Zobel

granular toy,
suitable for children



sample squall v2.0
By Vasiliev Andrew

sampler + sequencer + scene sequencer

ens for studio and live fun

Vieriant v1.0
By Jason Jochems

Modified Vierring sequencer designed to work with Battery and Reason
This is a modified version of the step sequencer that comes in Vierring. Only its set up to work with Redrum in Reason and the first row in Battery. It has ten drum sequencers with velocity controllable gates and a separate sequencer below it for doing multiple triggers per step (triplets, 32nd notes and the like). There is also 6 midi controller modulators that come with it to modify things like drum decay, pitch or whatever you want to assign to. One of the best aspects of it is length modulation. Which comes on the original vierring obviously, but using it on drums acheives some really exciting results. You'll have to play with it to see. Not alot of presets. Hats off to Mike Daliot for such a great sequencer. It has done alot of good things for my drum beats.

Weltdrum v1.1
By Urs Baumgartner

pecussssion from outa Space!



ASSBOOSTER_update v2.2
By programchild 123

Bite Ass Bass Synthesizer
Hi Gain Distortion Synthesizer.


-Output level reduced
-Sequences now saved in presets

Cascaded filter and drive stages
perform a new level of warmth and punch

Gatesequence can be played together with live pitch input (or midi track)

Pitch can also be recorded to sequence

Can be used like classic synth as well

Filter v1.01 v3.1
By Jonathan Style

This is an update of the 'Filter' synthesizer in my Ensemble Hacker. I loaded the wrong one in the Ens...just to many version of it in my files. Sorry for the inconvenience.

In this version however, I have fixed the Spread function, however there is a bit of detuning at full amount it’s sort of cool a effect at times. I also fixed the Mod Wheel to FM destinations, which do not work in Hacker. The Voices have been increase to 6 and Unison Voices to 2.

I feel that this is a much better version, so if you liked the one in Hacker please download this, and again sorry for the inconvenience.

Little Uggly v1.0
By Jonathan Style

Moogish 2 Osc Synth
I guess this start as an attempt to emulate the Little Phatty by Bob Moog.

It feature 2 Osc. and several Mod src. and destinations. It features a kill switch on the Panel B.

Still working on it...trying to create usable synths.


Polaris v1.0
By Stephan V.

beautiful fm-sounds with an easy to use analog-style programming interface


- two fm-operators
- three envelopes (two modulation, one amp)
- four lfos
- 12dB lowpass filter
- chorus and delay/reverb effects
- 32 snaps