Best of Reaktor User Library september 2007


in-FX-station v1.7
By alien apocalypse

reverb/chorus/delay/vocoder/dynamics/flanger/distortion/CB radio/expander

40 eazy big FX from many different programmers for spatialising your sounds. 5-10% CPU great with vocals drums and pads that can be used in clusters. you have to randomise everything and navigate through all the options at the bottom to get the best sounds.
both input and output switches to regulate core activity,
all of the individual effects seem to randomise fairly well, nice and easy for choosing the best sound...


By Stephan V.

a nice effect for my bassguitar

I played around with a demo version of guitar rig to get some ideas for cool bassguitar effects. this is the result.
Pitch shifting delay with a built in reverb unit to diffuse the signal extremly. Additional envelope filter and a modulated stereo delay.
No snaps. Just tweek your own sounds.


Loop and Beat Machines

GomiJumper v1.0 v1.0
By Patrick Nasralla

Live Visual Beat and Loop Masher

Before I start, I would just like to say a big thank you to both Tim Exile and C.List - without them this would never have existed (also sorry to C.List - I may have borrowed heavily from the BeatLookup v1)
Anyway, this is my first attempt at a Reaktor ensemble, so pointers would be appreciated... Basically it is an effect that records an 8 beat section of audio (according to the bpm) and lets you jump to any point in the sample by clicking the image with your mouse. The height at which you click determines the length of the looped section - thus allowing for crazy rush-type effects in realtime. Also reverses sound.


Twister v1.0
By Joachim Schneider

simple loop-rearranging tool

this small instrument is based on my recently uploaded glitchy sampler macro.
it's simple but useful for live performances.
the sample loop in the table is splitted in 16th of the samplelength and played according to the position in the "pos"-sequencer. by clicking on the sampler surface and moving around, you can modify the position and playdirecton on the fly:
-left/right changes the startposition of the slice
-up/down changes the endposition of the slice
when the start position is behind the endposition, the slice will be played reverse!



Effect Switch v1.2
By Nathan Jonson

32 Step Sequencer triggering a switch, that chooses which effect to use.

(keep in mind....version 1.1...heh) 32 Step Sequencer triggering a switch, that chooses which effect to use. The Effects are easy to change to whatever you'd prefer as well as you can add more if you want by just adding more places on the switch
inspired by the "glitch" vst plugin.....but because it doesn't come for mac i thought i'd start trying to make my own..
one of the effects is called "tape slow" which is something i made to try to emulate that pitching down sound on the "glitch" machine. a sequencer that triggers an envelope that controls the pitch


Helix v1.0
By Luca Capozzi

Genetic Drum Machine

A very special drum machine made featuring genetic algorithm. The eight samples are triggered by childrens. Each couple of children is generated by single point crossing over of two parents chosen in the Couple macro. As bonus, a map full of circuit bent samples from my incoming library for Reason and Kontakt. Feel free to use'em on your songs.



Heavy Motion Machine v1.1
By Luca Capozzi

Hybrid generator (Atari Punk Consol alike) or effect for your amusement

An ensemble useful both as generator (like an Atari Punk Console) or sound mangler. Each group of 2 oscillators is connected to a Logic Gates Group. The result of both blocks is connected to another Logic Gates group and its output is your main sound and controller for the envelope generator. No external effects has been used for the audio demo. All reverbs, delays and phasers you'll notice are generated by the Comb filter.

- 4 Square oscillators. Each couple is connected to a Logic Gate section.
- 3 Logic Gate Sections with inverters. Select different combination for your "bit" amusement.
- Comb Filter.
- Envelope Generator to control filter and gate. EG is triggered by Operators mix.
- Gate section controlled by Operators or Envelope Generator.



Monophonic Attic v.3.0
By Jonathan Style

Collection of more monophonic synthesizers...

Perhaps it seems limiting to only focus on monophonic instruments, but I am still trying to find that sound that I will be truly happy with in Reaktor5...besides I happen to like making one voice synthesizers. So here is a semi-new collection of my monophonic synthesizers. Semi-new what is that? I had intended to update many of my synthesizers that I have posted in the UL in the past. I don’t think I will be getting to it anytime soon. None the less, I have improved some aspects of these instruments and add one new monophonic synthesizer to the collection, SSN-1.

1. NEW! SSN-1: very basic sounds, easy to use interface. Dual filters. No effects.
2. Stinger: Perhaps my favorite yet. Very easy to use. Features the “Kick” module from Ass-Booster, but I doesn’t utilize it much. Dual filters, no effects. Modulationssss! Tightened up presets added a few more, some internal stuff worked on.
3. AI-2 Monophonic: very easy to use. This is the instrument I need to update someday. It seems a bit sluggish to me, and doesn’t seem lyrical enough for smooth lines. Dual filters, no effects. Modulationssss! Tightened up some of the snapshots and add several…I think I add several.
4. NZ-1: An odd and noisy synth. Bank 2 features snapshots by Don Daily! Very nice snapshots. This is also another one I hope to update someday, or at least re-skin it.
5. Basic 4-Channel line mixer with aux send and return.
6. Stereo Tap delay from Reaktor Library Re-Skined. Custom Snapps.
It is set up the same way that “Vintage Suitcase” is. I hope that all enjoy and are able to make some music with these.
Specail Thanks to Bernd Keil, for the knobs!
Jonathan a.k.a B.A.S.E.designs


Stinger 2 - Bruised Version v1.0
By Jonathan Style

Altered Stinger2 from Monophonic Attic V3.00

This ensemble is the “Bruised” version of my Stinger 2 synthesizer in the Monophonic Attic V3.00 ensemble. I altered this instrument with Rick in mind; I hope he can now make even stranger sounds. None the less, this synthesizer is abrasive…I like that in my music!

What is different?

1.You can now have complete control of Filter 2; however, the modulation of the resonance and cutoff via the LFO & EG are still shared.
2.You are now able to select between Band-pass and TB-303 filter modes for Filter 2.


Stinkfist v1.0
By Jonathan Style

Monophonic synthesizer w/ 2 routable filters, 3 Envelopes, FX

Stinkfist is another monophonic synthesizer born from the NZ-1 from Monophonic Attic. Essentially I was trying to re-work that synth but it always turns into something else.
There is 106 snapshots. The first 64 are by Don Dailey.
I have also re-skinned the Stereo Delay from the Library and add a control for the feedback amount. It features a standby switch that will kill the delay but will not turn off the instruments, unfortunatly I was not able to allow the delay to ring out, it kills to the dry signal. That will be my next project. The ON/OFF switch is on the Panel B side.


Waves Synthesizer v1.1
By Jonathan Style

Wavetable Synthesizer remix of Nanowave

This is my remix of Nanowaves. It is modeled after Waldorf's Microwave II & XT; however I have left out many things that are done in the hardware synthesizer. It is not an emulation. It just for fun.
There are 74 waves that you can choose from. The basic set from the Nanowave and PPG waves by EvilDragon. There are 2 parralel filter with 10 type to choose from. 10 slot modulation matrix. The first 5 slots can ulitize 3 modifiers with 12 funtions. Four Envelopes. Distortioin, Chorus & Delay.
Panning has it own independat LFO (wave is set to triangle). 2 assignable LFO with 5 modes to choose from.
The first 53 presets are by Don Daily. Thanks so much Don for your time.

Special thank to Don Dailey & Evil Dragon. Also the creators of Crabon2 for the Saturation,bitrate & sine shapers.

Update 1.01 fixed major problem of overlaping graphics in the modulation matrix. Snapshot & Randomize will no longer trigger the Standby control. The Instrument volume has be changed to "Instr. Volume", the control has been set to ignore randomization.
Added a few more snapshots 79 in total now.