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techno ensemble
by sebastian feldhof

a nice ensemble I had fun with for days and wanted to share it,
it contains, a kick with sequencer, a hat with sequencer, a synth with stepsequencer and noise and several lfos and gimmicks.
if you dive deeper you have enough possibilities to create a berlin style techno track
and shape the sound in a lot ways
maybe I will update,
with all the newer or modded blocks from each instrument
and yeah im a newbe to this, maybe some ways to approach are not the best



by Rick Scott

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Gridless feedback filter delay for wholesome ambient goo

Generates a gridless ocean of feedback delays, good for lush ambient goo.
Usage instructions in Ensemble info popup.
Enjoy(joy(joy(joy(joy(joy(joy)))))) !
Fine-tuned to make it sound a bit yummier.


by Stephen Reid

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This is an updated and improved version of an ensemble I uploaded ages ago.

Its an attempt to recreate some of the fun of Soundtoys Decapitator, and other similar saturation plugins.

The distortion amount is volume compensated which I find helps a lot to keep levels even. I also spent a lot of time tweaking this thing to make sure it sounded good and was useable at most settings.

There are only two saturation 'engines' (selected by the style switch)... but I think they both sound really good. One is the new Reaktor 6 saturator 2, and the other is the old Reaktor 5 tube saturator.

The one knob compressor and bias settings also allow for a range of tones and textures (from subtle to totally mangled).

I hope you guys find it useful when some subtle warming and distorting of audio is required.

CREDIT: Some of Boscomacs amazing macros were used (with his permission). Massive thanks also to Efflam Le Bivic for his GUI kits. The GUI here is using all his work and I am really happy with the end result.


Patina Echo Machine 1.1
by Stephen Reid

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NEW VERSION 1.1: Now includes tempo sync, ping pong and some other subtle improvements and changes.

Delay panning is now controlled with the width controlling, rather than separate panning as per previous.


This was my attempt at a mashup between the Soundtoys PrimalTap and Echoboy plugins (which I own and absolutely love).

I took Michael Hetricks tape style echo and added a freeze/hold function and sample rate multipliers like you would find in the Prime Time (and thus Primal Tap).

I also added some filtering, distortion, eq etc (special thanks to Boscomac). in the feedback path, and also delay time modulation to try and emulate old tape echoes and BBD delays (like the echoboy).

This device actually holds up pretty well to my own BBD delay pedals, and I've tried to emulate the pedals in some of my presets.

The Freeze function and sample rate multipliers are the heart of this ensemble IMO, and I have spent hours creating evolving loops with this function.

The controls are all relatively self explanatory, and I've tried to write a description for everything.

TIP: View A just shows the basic controls. View B shows everything.

TO DO: There is no tempo sync currently. As I'm just a 'hack it together' guy at the moment this is a bit beyond my understanding with Reaktor at this time.



40 snapshots for intonaRumori 7: Eli(r)an(d)e
by Jim Hurley

was careful with the levels but switching between snapshots is sometimes LOUD.

Some of these take a while to evolve or settle down and previous snapshots settings might make an impact on the next.


snapshots for Ricks intonaRumori 7
by Paule Amca

84 presets



Addsynite 1.02
by Jonathan Tremblay

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Addsynite is a polyphonic stereo additive synthesizer with subtractive synthesis qualities. Contains:

- 4 Additive Wave Shapes
____Each With____
- Width Control (for Pulse Only)
- Sync button
- Pitch Glide
- Pitch Controls (Freq Mult, Oct, Semi, Fine)
- ADSR Envelope
- Selectable 2-Pole Filter
- Tremolo
- Split/Add Mixer
- Output to send to Waves/FX

- 2 FX Modules
____Each With____
- SE-IV Chorus
- Micro Space
- Metaverb
- External FX

- StereoScope

- Active Display/Controls
- Randomize for all controls
- Wave Select (Pulse/Sine/Saw/Tri)
- OSC Off button
- LFO Sync button

____How To Use (General)____
To start off, select a wave from the "Wave Select" menu in 'Active Display / Controls'. Next go to the 'Split/Add Mixer' and turn on any Osc. Finally, go to the bottom right, and in the 'Output' macro, hit the "Waves" button. You should be getting signal now.

____How To Use (FX)____
To start off, select a wave from the "Wave Select" menu in 'Active Display / Controls'. Next go to the 'Split/Add Mixer' and turn on any Osc. Then, go to the bottom right, and in the 'Output' macro, hit the "FX" button. Finally, go up to thw two FX Modules, and select which effect you wish to use. After doing so, you may change the mix, as well as the ouput signal. Play a note, you should be getting signal now.

___How To Use (Active Display)___
This is where you see what is active at any given moment. Here you can see which Osc's of which Waveshape is active, what output routing is in use, as well as the outputting levels from that waveshape. This exists so that while you can't see all the controls of all the waveshapes at once, you can still be notified of what is going on when you are not actively looking at the controls.


intonaRumori VI
by Rick Scott

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Block-driven, semi-random, live-playable noise machine: My first block ensemble. :-)

(Very simple) usage instructions on ensemble info pop-up.

Many thanks to Michael Hetrick for his AD/VCA, Rungler, and Complex Oscillator blocks.


intonaRumori 7: Eli(r)an(d)e
by Rick Scott

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Eliane mod, generates all manner of structured noise.
See view B for usage instructions.

P.S. Take care when opening the ensemble, it might be LOUD.