Best of Reaktor User Library may 2.012


Scream 4 More v1.0
By michael o'hagan

A Muti Distortion Unit Inspired By Propellerheads Scream 4
This is a Muti Distortion Unit Inspired By Propellerheads Scream 4.

The distortion Models are not quite the same but it has just as much power and the same type of feature set.

10 Distortions total.

1. Overdrive

2. Generic Distortion

3. Cabinet modeled Distortion

4. Tube

5. Saturator

6. Destroyer

7. Driver

8. Crasher

9. Reducer

10. Screamer

A 3 Band EQ

A Body shape Resonator

A Compressor.


Stereo Tape Delay v1.2
By Jörg Holzamer

Stereo Delay with Tape Simulation
Stereo Delay that combines two independent Delays with Tape Simulation, Delay independent Decay Times, subtle Control of very long Delays, a Ducker for even more Feedback Control and a Sweeping Filter

I have used a previous Version of this for many years, and I still like playing around with its long kinda "spacy" Delays, so I tidied it up a bit and here it is. Have Fun!

V1.1: Ducking is not event-based anymore.