Best of Reaktor User Library march 2.010


Granny v1.0
By johann meier

Granular delay
Probably many others like this are already in existence,
somehow this particular configuration just suits my fancy.
It's a granular delay box, of course.


Reso Box v1.0
By johann meier

A box of resonators
Four resonators chained together with sequencers to make them sound crazy weird.
With help along the way from Dieter Zobel.


stop a moment v1.0
By johann meier

multi fx unit
This is an update to a Reaktor multi-fx unit I made a while back as part of a multi-fx unit upload.
It sounds better than the old one, and is easier to work with,
mostly due to a couple of fairly minor tweaks.

It's designed to be relatively simple to work with but still provide some distinctly
"reaktorish" effects in combination.
You can see from the picture that it includes three stages that can be modified,
including a standard delay, a grain delay, a (ladder) filter, a reverb, a phaser,
a resonator, and a pitch shifter.

The reverb is from Dieter Zobel, the filter, resonator, and pitch shifter are modified
from the ready-made macro library, the sequenced delay, resonator,
and granulator are homegrown for this ensemble.



SibaniDe v3.0
By Bernd Keil

Algorhythm by sonictwist 2007
DynEQ by Azertopia 2004
Audio2MIDI by NI 2003



75 snaps for Accretion Surfer v1.0
By Jim Hurley

Exotic snaps
75 unusual snapshots for an unusual ensemble.



ScapeViews v2.0
By Bernd Keil

Sound Engine with new concept
Dedicate to KyleT who is always looking for ambisonics.

SpaceDrone by Martijn Zwartjes (2005)
EzFFT Comp by Gabriel Mulzer and Martijn Deluxe (2006)
Wavetables from Pruno 9.1 (2010)

Soundesign modified: the answer is always 42!

For more look inside (i) of the properties.

If your cpu is to low increase the voices.


Selector Multi-ramp fm v2.2
By Thomas Medes

selector module used as a multiramp oscillator
--> link to Jim Hurley's 78 snap version

**now includes shape modulation via 10 triangle oscillators that modify the values of the selector's inputs

the two selectors (for stereo separation) have 10 inputs connected to knobs that set the values for the stages of the oscillation/envelope

a ramp oscillator connected to the POS input runs the oscillator.

Setting the curve option in properties to "sine" will create sine curvature for the oscillator.

two tri oscs stack ontop of the ramp oscillators' values to achieve frequency modulation.

a quantizer placed before the selector module allows stepping of the oscillation creating pulse behavior.


WavesXT (V2.02) v1.1
By Jonathan Style

reskin of an old instrument
This is an old instrument from 2007; it’s basically a modification of NanoWaves by Uwe G. Hoenig found in the R5 library.

I made a few alterations and a new gui for it since the old gui was rather ugly, most everything remains as it was 3 years ago. Unfortunately I do not have time or patience right now to rebuild the synth and make accessing the parameters easier. Hopefully a nice gui will ease the pain of trying to program the instrument. Sorry for the instrument being difficult to program but it was a long time ago and I didn’t really understand much about design back then…I was just starting out.

For the snapshots I have only added 3 snaps; However in Bank 1 (select in the snap browser) the original 89 snapshots by Don Dailey and myself are provided, due to some of the changes I made internally to the instrument they may not work correctly, feel free to check them out none the less.

Despite the instrument being a chore to program there are some interesting sound to be had from it.

Jonathan Style

Additional PPG waves provided by Evil Dragon.

v2.02 update: fixed the velo sens which never worked correctly. Fixed a few of the animations, very important for the mod matrix. and fix a few other mistakes. I also included the V1.00 ens from 3years ago for fun.


WildScapes v1.0
By Bernd Keil

Nemesis of DarkScapes
Atonal ambisonic pataphysical instrument - panel A & B are different.
Instrument based on developments by AuReality from the last century.
Inserted some Zobel-Macros from the wonderful KraftStrom:
You may lazy to all or to parts.

GUI partly by Jonathan Styles
reverb by Martijn Zwartjes
Source samples from NI FM8