Best of Reaktor User Library january 2.014


Field of Dreams
by Michael Garcia

Mixing/Mastering/Sound Design


this is the result to my search to find ways to save money and dissect the many pieces of gear and topology's at which I so lust for.
I built this from 2010 - 2011 I've just been lazy to post it ;)

==the purpose==: Transparency for Stereo Mix's

- Gain Stages when needed
- Limiting according to my needs
- M/S in areas that I require
- various way's to manipulate the "sides" without cancellation
- various ways to create Harmonics and Sub sonic madness
- being able to see whats going on while in tranisit and after
- inserts on everything for internal gear or outboard gear
- the ability to save you $$$ and or destroy this thing to fit your needs ;)
- M/S crossover
- multi band M/S EQ

My most resent Project I used it on involved working with various Stems at a baseline of -12dbf to be later Summed and Post Mixed in Logic 9.

“American Addict”
“Feeling Shitty”

the Results can be heard on title tracks in the Movie by:
Director Sasha Knezev “American_Addict”.

on Netflix, Hulu and iTunes.




by Dario Lupo

Experimental Synthesizer


This synth has some effects in the background which will constantly and slowly change the sound during time.

It's really easy to use and intuitive, you can create lush leads, pads but also really angry sounds.

The funniest way to use it is to play with keyboard dynamics and automations.


Digital Morph Wave
by Davide Maltini

Hybrid Synth


Hybrid Synth:
Couple of morph wave generators , plus some oscillators-idea from modular world ,
translate to digital domaine.Some Advanced ADSR, for accurate control.
Two multi-filters.
Two sequencers.
Reverb and Chorus.
Just few presets.


Lars Hein
by Mary Jwan-Philippe

Feedback Synth/Fx


Feedback Synth

You can use it solo, or input sound and play.....


pata physical MF
by Bernd Keil


Motionfields sample map pitch shifting two octaves up, root note is 84 and map 75% smaller
- advantage screen with mouse area functions from Brunhilde to adjust pos/len of grains.


PitchKick (previously Sinebeats)
by Joeri Van Hove

Specialized pitched kick drum generator


Previously released as Sinebeats, but due to a name conflict with a pre-existing Reaktor instrument
I decided to rename my creation to PitchKick.

Originally conceived as a basic psytrance kickdrum generator, from version 3.0 this instrument features keytracking,
both on the oscillators and on the filters.
This facilitates creating pitched kickdrums, used primarily in hardstyle and hardcore musical styles.
Some have reported using it as a sequenced synthesizer.

This one-trick-pony was originally designed to generate a frequency modulated sine wave kick.
This kind of kick drums is heavily used in psytrance, progressive trance & minimal techno.
The 'B' Panel reveals a custom made audio shaper to add extra punch.
Extreme values will result in heavy saturation. Hardcore kicks are possible as well.
I recommend sampling the kick you like and triggering it from a sampler,
this allows more control over the tail amp envelope.
It's a basic tool but something I wanted to make for a long time. Enjoy!

—update v3.0
- Added keytracking with scale adjust, pitchbend (mod wheel) and fine-tuning.
- Added distorted filter, with filter keytracking!
- Added custom shaper, for extra sonic carnage.
- Added sub channel to mix in the original pre-fx subbass for extra oooomphh.
- Brickwall distortion limiter to emulate overdrive saturation.
- Added 26 extreme kick snapshots.


Woosh Box
by Mike Clarke

Generates wooshing sounds


A filtered noise generator designed for making an array of woosh sounds, transitions, noisy bangs, etc.