Best of Reaktor User Library november 2.006


FAzzzA v1.0
By pierre-andre soulier

multiband phaser/flanger

4 band phaser/flanger for a deeper phase effect.


Loop and Beat Machines:

splitter III evolution v1.0
By pierre-andre soulier

splitter with a filter and new modulation



Sinator2 v1.0
By Dieter Zobel

Wohlklang und Dissonanzen

from the Beselbiger series



herw MODULAR MINI 2 v2.6
By Herwig Krass

modular synthesizer

polyphon modular system with virtual wires and virtual keyboard
367 snaps

24 modules:
• P-01 MIDI (Pitch, Pitchbend, Controller, Gate, VelOn, VelOff, Aftertouch)
• C-01 SCO (4 multiple wave SCOs)
• C-11 NOISE (noise generator: colored, white, pink, 808)
• D-01 LFO (4 multiple wave LFOs)
• K-11 RM/AM (dual ring/amplitude modulator)
• K-01 MIXER L (Four-channel lin. mixer)
• K-03 MIXER E (Four-channel exp. mixer)
• F-01 ADSR (4 envelope generators)
• H-01 SCF 2-pole (12dB filter)
• H-02 SCF 4-pole (24dB filter)
• K-02 SCA (2 SCAs)
• O-04 Tube (preamplifier)
• O-05 Chorus
• O-06 Delay

Mr.MONO v1.1
By Stephan V.

Completly reworked version of my favorite synth

- new oscillator
- new filters (lp12, lp24, juno, pro53, moog, tb 303, grobian old, hp12, bp12, bs12)
- more effects (low boost, saturation, phaser, chorus, delay)
- more direct controls/less menu entries
- 50 snapshots
- optimized cpu-consumption (all effects are switched off automatically if not in use)
simple but effective.

RNP - FM v2.0
By Don Dailey

Reworked version of Popcorn Soup.

On Phil Durrant's suggestion, I have reworked the UI to have knobs instead of the number dials. I agree this is more intuitive. This can be played with the note randomizer OFF to play single sounds. I prefer to use it as a texture generator. No doubt this has limited use for many, by I like this kind of stuff, so I thought I'd share.

I also added a few snaps, by this is a good one to randomize your own :-)


The Shadow v1.0
By rick scott

sbugi monstrum synth

another monstrum synth for your sci-fi/horror padmaking pleasure.

WavFlection v1.0
By Don Dailey

Look ma, no randomizers !

This is a mod made from a Wave Multi-reflrector synth I found at, made by the blog host Zed.

It generates some interesting, though sometimes dirty sounds. I added in Rick Scott's doppelResonator and Andrew Rice's Tempo/Free Delay unit. Also, my beloved Pitch Shift macro.

The included snaps are just a place to start - please tweak at will. Envelope settings in this synth sometimes yield unexpected results, especially the Filter Env. I like a lot of delay, etc., but take that and the doppelRes out and get a more "traditional" (dryer) mono synth sound.

Panel design was done in Photoshop - thanks to Bernd for uploading those great knobs. I'm not sure who designed them. But they sure are tasty!