Best of Reaktor User Library February 2.010


g'Litch 6: floballala v1.3
By rick scott

grainCloudDelay g'Litcher
sixth in the g'Litch series, floballala uses an array of envelope followers,
grainCloudDelays, feedback, and filters to extreme-g'litch audio.

you can run it in auto or manual mode.
i prefer auto because i'm for the liberation of all beings, virtual and fleshly.


MelloGrain v2.0
By Dieter Zobel

abused Cloud Delay,
feed audio in and press some of these white and black keys on your kb.


Reichatron v1.3
By Matt Mower

Phase shifting looper

Reichatron 1.0 was too big to go in the UL. NI wanted to host if for me but we couldn't get around the limitation on download size. So the nice folks at are hosting it for me. The link is in the README.txt file which is in the download. Note that the download ONLY contains the readme and the user guide. You'll have to download the ensemble using the URL in the readme. The ensemble download is 550MB.

** THANKS **

Reichatron is a sample playing instrument that grew out of my desire to experiment with phase-shifted looping (a la Steve Reichʼs early works ʻItʼs Gonna Rainʼ and ʻPiano Phaseʼ) and as an homage to Metaphysical Function which is, I think, one of the most interesting Reaktor ensembles.

Reichatron allows you to mix together the phase-shifted blending of two samples and then modulate that mixture using a block of six effects that can be independently controlled. Reichatron also offers stochastic control of the effects block and sample selection. You can take as much, or as little, control over how the sound evolves over time as you like.



Dave Icepad Atmos Bank v1.2
By David Dilliway

Atmos sounds for Icepad
16 Scifi space atmos snaps for Rick Scotts excellent Icepad.


Dave SciFi Carbon2 Bank v1.1
By David Dilliway

Scifi FX for Carbon 2
A few snaps that are firmly in the SFX catagory, partly inspired by 70's Dr Who, and other scifi programs.


Dave Subharmonic SciFi Bank v1.0
By David Dilliway

Subharmonic Scifi sounds
More SciFi/Ambient sounds for your enjoyment, this time for the Subharmonic synth.


LimeLite - Disasters v1.5
By Danilo Meissner

34 Snaps for LimeLite


SOKOLOV Jazzyspoon bank v1.0
By Jason Pottorff

28 snapshots for Sokolov Compurhythm
28 snapshots for Sokolov Compurhythm....



SOKOLOV CompuRythm v1.0
By Tom Zellweger

Experimental Beatbox
cpu: easy / screen: notebook
helpful: use the infocurser
status: concept

here's a old fashioned pocketsystem for extensive rythmexperiments,
loaded with sounds from the commodore c64.



Accretion Surfer v2.1
By Thomas Medes

Epic Space Orchestras/Plucks/Stabs/Basses/pads/Leads

The fruition of all my attempts at making super thick, emotional ensemble pads,
with the added bonus of being able to create plucks, stabs, angry overdriven basses,
mono leads and TONS of trance instruments.
Has 6 phase modulators, is stereo separated and offers tune spread alternative
to phase modulation (thicker ensemble sound).

Pitch interval AM and FM.
6 phase modulators.
Juno Filter



poly and mono voice modes for jump-back pitch in leads


Aggressor v1.0
By Thomas Medes

Hyperdriven ensemble filter basses for D'n'B + plucks and leads
Another 6 osc spread project, but this time with waay more BASS!!!
I was working towards making something that could do the expressive
and dark crunching basses that are used by BT and Hybrid,
and managed to get pretty damn close
(or at least i think so!) and just so happened to make a multipurpose synth out of it as well.
This also does plucks and leads.

Includes George Gyulatyan's Menace Filter as one of the 3 filter selections in a stacked macro.

6 osc detune spread + multiple selectable waveforms.

--Pitch interval AM and FM.

-Moog Filter

-HP on LP Filter with Saturation

-MENACE FILTER V1.0 By George Gyulatyan

--Equinoxe Deluxe Ensemble Chorus in stereo

--KleinStein phaser in stereo

--poly, unison and mono voice modes for normal,stacked and jump-back pitch in leads

--2 lfos for further filter modulations


Symmetry Surfer v1.1
By Thomas Medes

Epic space pads and instruments from symmetry oscillators
Rather than phase modulation, this synth uses pulsewidth modulation
and symmetry modulation across its oscillators.

Like the Accretion Surfer, this features 6 oscillators with pitch interval
amplitude modulation across all six, and detune spread.
However, since these are the bisaw, symmetry tri and par, bipulse,
sawpulse and par pwm oscillators, there are no synch or FM options available.

However, the sounds and qualities are unique,
so i found it pertinent to do a surfer dedicated to these oscillators.

Turns out, it was worth it!

This synth uses a phaser effect unlike the Accretion Surfer.

Reaktor Builder's phaser carbon v1
Reaktor Builder's reverb Space v1