Best of Reaktor User Library August 2.009


TappaZ v1.0
By Dieter Zobel


delay effect
nr 5327


VECTORY repeet v2.0
By mathieu mailloux


distorsion morphing and live repeater
This a modification of Vectory MOD FX ens. which i add a dry wet control and an instant repeater module.
Simple and effective for live use.
(I would like to add midi controlable faders to the 2 boxes in vectory so if you're able to...!!!)



Sowari/JWH Granulator v1.0
By Phil Durrant


Granulator Remix
This is a Remix version of James Walker-Hall's Granulator from his Sample Pack.
It uses Looping Envelopes.
There are some other changes from his version as well.
Please note that it won't work properly if you change the number of voices.
Thanks to James Walker-Hall for giving me permission to use his Looping Envelopes.


Toxonic Glitch v3.0
By Joachim Schneider


beat masher
after a whole while i decided to update my toxonic glitch ensemble again. i didn't change very much, i kicked out some bugs, re-designed the gui and i replaced the grain delay with a new core cell that i built my own.
it sounds more "grainy" and "crispy" and you can now change the stretching speed steplessly.
further i added "morphine", an fx morpher for some nice special fx, sound pretty good on drums for dusty, saturated sounds. note, that it's set to "dry" by default, so you will only hear toxonic glitch - but feel free to set it on "wet" to hear what it's like.
the sampler in it is for demonstration purposes only, remove it and connect reaktors audio in to mangle every audio signal you want and use it in your daw.



Future drums -Basic version minimal v1.0
By paco calostro


sample drums
simple sequencer + 9 tracks samples++++


Danzak live -positron v1.1
By paco calostro


sample drums
debt and what is promised here is the smaller version with the advice of Jonathan Style
and more than two channels 9 to 11



18 Snaps for MF v2.0
By Simon Stockhausen

18 Snaps for my beloved Metaphysical Function
18 Snaps from some of my more or less recent Projects for you to share - the included Samplemap is too big for the UL (55MB - zipped) and you can download it from my server at:


Venus: Deep Forest (Forest 2 snapshots) v1.2
By Julian Ray


50 snapshots for Forest 2 ensemble
All these sounds were carefully recorded by Robots and Pioneers of Venus until all their food and batteries were finished :)

And listen to what I've done with it ;)



ecliptic v1.0
By Feargus Brickley


x/y crossfading wavetable type sampler-synth
the original two ideas behind this synth (my first ever completed ensemble by the way) were:
firstly to create a pseudo wavetable synth that i could load two waveforms into and crossfade between,
and secondly to make a synth that was great for tempo synced rhythmic textures.

technically not a synth as there are no oscillators, the single voice of this synth is created by four samplers holding a single cycle of a waveform each. these can be crossfaded between both manually and using dedicated envelopes and lfos. this gives rise to nice rhythmic effects that range from the subtle to the downright gnarly. each of these samplers has octave select, fm on/off, phase flip and sample select controls, as well as a 'digitise' effect, basically a static comb filter for subtle changes in timbre.
there is a small fm section that really needs a bit of refinement but supplies nice lasery sounds and distortion-type tones - the usual basic fm stuff. this has a dedicated tempo-synced envelope and lfo as well. the voice then goes through an effects section: filter, clipper, grainphaser, and stereo exciter. filter and clipper are both fairly standard. the grainphaser rhythmically chops the sound into grains and adds a randomised pitch shift to each one. nice for adding a little bit of subtle variation, non-periodic phaser/flanger type sounds, choppy effects or adding a really nice 'glassy' sheen. the stereo exciter is mono compatible (ie. if you mono the sound it's as if the effect were turned off - no phase cancellation artifacts here!), and does well to beef up what is otherwise a mono synth voice.

feedback, suggestions, complaints, money and help (particularly with any ways i can drop the cpu load of this thing - currently 10-11% on my 2.33GHz MacBook Pro with 2Gb ram) are all much welcomed. currently have only tested this on the above macbook on os x 10.5.9 in standalone and in ableton live.
planned updates:
change the way FM LFO works - currently adds/subtracts from FM amount, will probably change to a mulitplier,
move x and y modulation displays to their respective sections in line with the rest of the gui,
add plenty more tooltips and presets,
add more custom waveforms,
add an envelope to the filter,
make all time-related parameters tempo synced (ie. sort the envelopes out!),
add sample-and-hold and/or random LFO shapes,
add LFO to the stereo widener therefore providing a mono compatible flanger type effect