Best of Reaktor User Library October 2008


intonaruMori III: borBorygmus v1.0
By rick scott


self-playing de/re-sampler
the third of my intonaRumori (noise machines), borBorygmus is a self-playing abominator of samples and sample maps.

the ensemble is too big for the user library. download it:


Kicks! v1.1
By phil johnston


Kick Drum Sampler over 500 variations
Kick Drum Sampler over 500 variations

I split a series of my favorite kicks in to the 2 integral parts attack and bass... these can be combined in 572 different combinations from hard trance kicks to softer house kicks.

I have been doing this manually for years in battery this is far handier! :D



Tanjun Na MonoSeq v2.0
By yuu aya


Mono Sequencers that can easily make phrase
Thank you for you.
When random was executed, the problem of happening was corrected.
It is very convenient to be able to make Praz only by pushing a
random button.


tullio phenomenon v1.0
By johann meier


Quasi-randomized rhythm and weirdness machine
It's jopy's response to rachMiel's remix of pharmacy. Or something like that. There are some randomizations, some non-drum based sample maps, and a bunch of weird controls that are difficult to predict at times.


Zarby drummer v1.0 v1.1
By herve delacouturiere


massive clone for Battery
this massive clone is born to control battery
each sequencer have a random play and send his midi cc ( with an amount )

let's say that the higher seq is also for midi cc ( 14 15 and 16 )

so play like u want but snapshots are not changed from the massive ancestor ,so not really matched with several battery kits
therefore i made snap/isolate the three last seq's destination because many kits are config like this ( C1 = bd ; D1 = sn ; d#1 = hh )

i have "tasted" it in ableton live without pb de tempo !! ( tracks demo are just made with one snap and random )



Droner Snaps v1.0
By Don Dailey

52 Snaps for Droner Thingy
For those too tired or lazy to push a randomize button, here's a nice little bank of 52 for Droner by Nafabi Genire. Actually, all sounds were tweaked beyond hitting randomize. It's not that easy to get great sounds like these! :-)



Another Auto-Drone-Thingie v1.0
By Nafabi Genire


Triangle FM Oscs and Pulses fed into combfilters, AM, distortion, delays...
Add automation and reverb for ever-changing soundscapes.


iLL tempeRed paD v1.2
By rick scott


m/am-driven pad

rm/am-driven pad specializing in non-well-tempered sonorities.

1. pick snap template.
2. randomize.
3. play!

ill tempered pad is a heraclitean synth. each time you play a note, it will sound slightly to dramatically different. try it! also try holding notes and listening to them evolve.