Best of Reaktor User Library January 2009


Mix Booster v1.2
By laurent sevestre


One Knob Mastering
This processor automatically optimizes the average level and the spectral content of your mix. It requires some CPU (30% on my laptop) but it really improves your sound. Mix Booster can be a good solution for home mastering.

The red display warns you about the limiter activity. It must not be highlighted 100 % of the time to reach great results.


pS_gLitch v1.5
By rick scott


pitch-speed glitching

pS_gLitch glitches the pitch and speed of incoming audio. sounds especially good when fed through a sexy reverb.



Umox v1.0
By Dieter Zobel


the nagus has learned to dance,
as far as it permits its status



Duration SeqSynth v2.0
By Synthlord D


Sequencer with note and gate durations
Updated version with Delay fix.

The intention was to keep panel size small so using stacked macros for all the main sections.
Switches on the right will reveal all.

Main features:

-Sequencer with note and gate durations
-Pitch sliders movements can be recorded
and saved with snapshots.
-Draw LFOs with slider input
-Basic synth voice with loads of modulation routings from sequencer and LFOs

Most of the panel functions have info

Operation of Pitch sliders in the Sequencer section instructions:

(While sequencer is playing)
Right mouse button click deletes recording and resets to fixed slider value.
Right mouse Button is also used to move slider without recording movements.
Left mouse button is used to move slider and record movements. The length of the recording is set by Slide Rec Len knob in bars (left indicator) and 1/16th note beats (right indicator). Clear Button clears all slider recordings.


Lemurized Newscool v1.0
By Antonio Blanca


A lemurized version of beatiful ens created by Mr Lazyfish
Here a lemurized version of reaktor newscool for lemur owners.
Please Feel free to mod or to improve it and share it with us.
Important note- your OSC identifier should be "Lemur" port number 8000.
Also you need the latest lemur firmware (2.0)


Scale Step SEQ 16 v1.1
By Eric Ahrens


Analog Style 16 Step monophonic Sequencer
Analog Style 16 Step monophonic Sequencer.
It has knob rows for
- Note Value (via transposition)
- one freely assignable CC Control
- Velocity
- Gate Time

The sequencer generates MIDI data, so you can also control instruments outside of Reaktor.
It also features:
- Scale constraining
- Randomization, selectable for each step
- Keyboard control of scale, base pitch and/or individual step transposition.
- Roll Function

I have written comments for most UI Elements, this should suffice as documentation.


Silver Point v1.1
By Adam Hanley


a very digital sequenced synthesizer
Related to GreyScale and MonoChrome, Silver Point is a basic sequenced sample and hold synthesizer.

The included manual should explain all.

Version 1.1 revision: Number of voices set to 1.



Spark Bank by Esky v1.1
By Stefan Knauthe

30 Snaps for Spark
Hello, one more Soundbank, this time for Spark, the new synth by NI founder Stephan Schmitt. As always inspired by acts like Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, Kelpe or Principles of Geometry. Actually i tried to extract some warmth out of Spark, but that is very hard to provide.


SUBMISSION Mod Snaps v1.0
By Don Dailey

That is, snaps that are mods of snaps. I really liked the snaps Jonathan included with v4, so I decided to use them as a starting point for a set of snaps. I took each snap form Jonathan's bank and tried to change it into a useful pad, lead or bass sound. Some then led to secondary snaps, variations on variations. SUBMISSION is very solid, capable of a lot of different sounds. I didn't even begin to scratch the surface of what the mod matrix can do! One thing to mention- though SUBMISSION has a Randomize button, I did no randomizing for any of these snaps.



GrandNagus v4.0
By Dieter Zobel


for big hears

GrandNagus RM - wilder version 2! v2.0
By rick scott


GrandNagus remix

rather wild remix of zee wunderbar GrandNagus. v2 gets nasty.

added randomation, panning, equaalization, autorandomization.

select a snapshot, randomize. or autorandomize. listen to the sounds evolve.


pulsaTe v1.0
By rick scott


subharmonic sine pulsar

inspired by brian eno's itouch application pulsaTe generates pulsing subharmonic sine waves controlled by user / randomization.

please read the usage instructions to learn how to start/stop/modify pulsations.



DTPL_Stepnik v1.1
By Saul Galgut


Evolving synths for soundscapes, pads, SFX etc
Happy 2009 ;)

This is a synth based on 2 5-step/ramp oscillators.

Each one is controlled by a multiLFO (now with selectable waveforms) or multirandom module to create evolving sounds.

The sound is shaped by 5 parallel multimode filters (also controlled by an multiLFO/multinoise unit), a simple gater and a deley module (taken

from Greg Zifcak's simple FX/Colin Brown's bucket boy).

The gater is tempo synced so make sure your sequencer/reaktor clock is running to hear patches marked 'sync' correctly.

Also included is a semi random visualiser

Try morphing snapshots for soundscape creation and hitting the randomise button for some general fun.


f'lageLLum v3.2
By rick scott


synth for unusual timbres

f'lageLLum is an overhaul of pWaf'm. like pWaf'm it's a kinky little synth, crazed celebration of lfo modulation. capable of generating anything from glitchy pads to wailing sirens.

1. turn on midi clock.
2. select a template.
3. randoMize!


By Jonathan Style


A Standard 2-OSC subtractive synthesizer
SUBMISSION is a standard 2-Oscillator subtractive synthesizer. There is wide variety of modulation destinations and modulation options. 100snapshots are provided with the instrument.

If you look inside the stacked macro you will find a sample rate reduction effect and a distortion effect that are not in use. Feel free to try these options out if you wish. You will have to make them visible in the properties menu for the macros.

for more snapshot please check out Don Dailey's upload of snaps for this instrument.


SUKFM v1.0
By Jonathan Style


3op FM synth (mod of FM4)
This is not really a very complex instrument. It’s a reduction of FM4 and mod’d to my needs at the time yesterday so I slapped a skin on it and called it done. It does not have many snaps. I don’t really do well with FM synthesis. I am more of a preset user and tweaker when it comes to FM. But you might find it useful or not.


TITAN v1.0
By Eric Le Guenan


Subtractive synthesizer
TITAN is a standard sub synth with:
VCO:Osc x 4 + Matrix lfo & osc envellope
VCF:Moog - Multimode Filter
VCA: & Others: Enveloppes x 4:
Apergiator mode & Eq
LFO: x 2
FX: Echo/Delay,Pazer,Chorus,Distortion


WaveZorus v2.1
By Eric Le Guenan


Subtractive Synth.
WaveZorus is a subtractive synth 4 osc.
Two oscillators synchronisable
One double osc Symm + Fm.
Randomizer osc function
Low pass filter
Enveloppe generator
Enveloppe filter ptich with matrix
LFo + enveloppe attack release and modulation controler:
Chorus depth
And Fun