Best of Reaktor User Library september 2.012


GrainX v2.0
By Glyn Darby

Grain sampler.
This is a polyphonic grain sampler that is a bit more freindly on the CPU than my Zeit 3 effort.



bEAST v1.4
By Jörg Holzamer

VA Synth with a special Ladder Filter
bEAST is a virtual analog Synthesizer specialized in agressive and distorted Lead, Bass and FX Sounds.
It is built around the Ladder Filter-Algorithm by Antti Huovilainen and Vesa Välimäki, Filter implementation in Reaktor Core by Salamanderanagram (many thanks!) The Audiopath is full stereo from the Oscillators on. For best results, run it at 88.2 or higher.
Though the Layout with Oscillator Bank, Mixer, ect. may look familiar, bEAST is not a Minimoog Clone.


DTPL Pulsar v1.5
By Saul Galgut

A Sci Fi themed PWM synth
This is a synth based on 3 PWM oscillators good for pads, dystonal leads and weird sci fi effects.

Each oscillator consists of a Pulse master oscillator and a harmonic Slave oscillator to change pulse width.
There are options available to detune the slave oscillators, change there waveform and create feedback modulation.
The sub osc, noise osc, filter and envelope section are pretty standard parts.
There is also a version included with spacemaster added for lusher soundscapes.


Hybrid Baby v1.2
By Matthias Schaffner

It's small and light, but screams like a big one
What would it look like if Sylenth1 and FM8 had sex together?
I guess we'll never know... but if they had a child, and it's DNA-strains would be manipulated by slightly blueish grey aliens...


-five "super oscillators" at the top, left side LEDs switch between waveforms, right side between 2,4,8 and 16 voices.
VCOs 2 and 4 can be synced to 1 and 5 (switch on the side)

-2 ADSRs and 2 Filters can be routed to the VCOs by clicking the LEDs

-ADR on the lower left side controls the pitch of selected VCOs

-2 LFOs with destination switches and amount knob

-FM Matrix in the middle, LEDs switch on and off, knobs control the rate (the rate can also be controlled at the top of the VCOs)

My recommendation: Use a step sequencer like the MS16 by Stephan Becker to automate one of the filters.
The instrument has 2 Inputs for that. I first wanted to include a sequencer myself, but this works perfect for me.