Best of Reaktor User Library november 2.014


Echo Grease
by Colin Brown


Echo, Delay, Chorus, Flange, Oscillation Effects

This unit can produce a wide veriety of sounds from rich chorus and flanger swirls through modulated delay spacescapes to extreme interactive sci-fi self oscillation effects.

Echo Grease lubes the parts other delays cannot reach!



by Paule Amca

30 snapshots for Deep Energy


Arthur Dent
by Paule Amca

42 snapshots for Microwave II by yerry feldstein


bank 2 for Aurora
by Paule Amca

WT synth by Tuval Shiloah 2012


December Song
by Paule Amca

Kauzigizer snapshots


by Paule Amca

snapshots for Infrastructure_1.0.6


Lullaby on a star
by Paule Amca

Kauzigizer snapshots



by mosaic _


A powerful MIDI-operated drum synth

This is a synthesizer specifically geared toward drum sounds. Kick, Snare and Clap synths, alongside Metal, Noise, Percussion and Cowbell engines, produce a plethora of distinctive and customizable sounds. In lieu of a sequencer, every engine can be edited and mapped to different MIDI note ranges. Tuned percussion can be played across the keyboard with ease.

Alternatively, open up the recorder and turn your sounds into samples. With the click of a button and the press of a key, your drum sounds are captured and are ready to be exported as WAV files.

Ten kits are provided to get you started, ranging from clean and punchy to massively distorted.


ADSR Green Machine
by Andreas Sandberg


Subtractive polyphonic synthesizer.

Think green!
This environmentally friendly synth is a collaboration between me and my long time friend and music colleague Samuel,
who has designed the green skin.
The name pays homage to ADSR Reaktor Tutorials, but could also be hinted at our names.

Simply put, the Green Machine is a classic subtractive synth with two oscillators,
pulse width modulation, tempo, key sync and unison mode.
Except the original Green bank, I've also designed a special bank called trick or treat,
containing scary sounds for Your Halloween soundtrack ;)


Black Label (MetafunctionalPhysics)
by Paule Amca


monophone repaired dryer/harder variation of MetaFun
New map created with MS20 clone


Deep Energy MKI by Reaktion
by Reaktopn Team


Emulation of Doepfer Dark Energy MKI

This is a personal reproduction of the classic small mono-synth Dark Energy from Doepfer made by using only basic components in Reaktor Primary Level.
-------- Built with Reaktor V5.9.0 --------
It has the same functionalities of the original hardware, it sounds good and it looks nice :)
- responds to MIDI Velocity messages
- receives MIDI Pitchbend messages (range: -12/12 st)


GRIP Grain Cloud Synth 1.2
by Uwe G. Hoenig


Between tonal and rhythmic... Now with Lemur template

- Some presets (same sounds as in the audio example in the user lib):
- A live demo:

Help and contact
See the "B" panel of GRIP or here for a quick guide


by mosaic _


A simple, yet versatile, subtractive synthesizer

This is a fairly simple synth with a versatile oscillator section and a characterful filter. A spreadable saw, a variable-width pulse, a smooth sub oscillator, and a filtered noise source are sent through a saturated feedback filter. Envelopes, LFOs, and various expression controls are available to modulate and morph the sound. Then the output is routed to a warming distortion, a stereo chorus, a feedback delay and a lush reverb.

Over 120 snapshots are included: mostly basses, leads, and pads, with a few other sounds thrown in as well. And a simple, clear layout makes it easy for you to create your own sounds.


by Dieter Zobel


Emulation of the legendary Wrugny Organ

invented 1961 by Prof. Tarantoga.


by Paule Amca


Metafunctional Physics


MS-20 clone
by Paule Amca


Final standalone version

Based on MS-2x by Solar-X
Patch area by Matthias Schaffner
Modular-X by Herwig Krass
Knobs by Paule Amca
Wheel by Stephan Becker
Snapshot Breeder by Colin Brown.

568 Snapshots by:
Andreas Sandberg
Matthias Schaffner
Paule Amca
Colb´s Breeder Box

There are several GUI elements altered the hardware MS-20:
Detune on VCO2 by Solar-X
Velocity switch by Solar-X
Ringmod hack by Matthias
Additional filter by Robert Elster
Analog fader by Paule
Chorus by Pascal Santoni
Freq mod by Azertopia.

Saturation on filter for alternate only.

November, 2014 - final version 4.01

To wire a cable point on ´out` grey becomes yellow first,
then point on ´in` green becomes red second.


by gerry feldstein


the famous synthesizer

Oscillators - 2 oscillators per voice wavetable synthesis (74 preset wavetables,); Osc-sync; FM; 1 Ring Mod; 1 Noise Source
Filter - 13 digital filter models (12/24dB, LP, BP, HP, Notch, waveshaper, bit-reduction, dual BP). Additional in-series 6dB LP or HP filter with keytracking. ADSR envelope.
VCA - 1 VCA, VCA ADSR, 1 Free Envelope
LFO - 2 LFO's, sine, tri, square, random, S&H
Effects - Gate trigger, Distortion, Chorus, Delay
Modulation Matrix - Modifier

B Panel - Reverb, Flanger

CREDITS: Nanowave : Instrument by Uwe G. Hoenig
Waves XT by Jonathan Style
Additional PPG Waves by Evil Dragon
MWAVE II GUI by Howard Feldstein (Original Design : Axel Hartmann)


by Paul Rogat


Polyphonic Additive Morphing Synth

WERKBANK Reaktor Ensemble
Additive Partial Data Set Morphing Sine Bank Synthesizer
Paul Rogat 2014

While reading some tutorials by salamanderanagram (Donald Phillips), I came up with the idea of using the event table and its Y-interpolation to morph linearly between different partial data sets. Although the basic concept is working, the overall experience (at least for me) isn't as inspiring as hoped for.

Werkbank is pretty CPU demanding: the more voices / partials, the higher the CPU usage. If you experience audio dropouts, reduce the voice count in the instrument settings and/or the number of partials on the first panel.