Best of Reaktor User Library december 2.011


Lebolette v2.0
By Dieter Zobel

guter Klang, einfache Handhabung.



Novaphone 340 ("Grand") v1.0
By Matt Mower

keyboard based 8-layer long-release loop player for creating long textured loops

The Novaphone 340 (“Grand”) is an 8-voice loop sampler designed for creating long, looping, soundscapes.

8-voice means that 8 different loops can be playing at once and by using release times up to 128 seconds it is easy to build up complex, may layered, and original sounds.

Each note played triggers the start of a new loop (if 8 loops are already playing the new loop will replace the oldest loop currently playing).

Each loop can be congured to sound different, in many different ways, by using parameters that can be both randomized when the loop is triggered and also and shaped by an envelope & LFO.

The instrument comes with samples from Simon Stockhausen (, Sound Iron, Felix Petrescu (Makunouchi Bento), Danibal, MobiusB (Ember Music), and me.

Also included are 62 snaps created by Simon Stockhausen, Felix Petrescu, and me.


Particlesynth 2012 v1.1
By Stefan Knauthe

Particlesynth anniversary
Hello, this is an anniversary version of Martin Brinkmanns Particlesynth. He created this ensemble ten years ago and its still useful these days. Because i'm working on a high resolution monitor i enlarged the ensembles gui and the waveform display and arranged the knobs around it. I added the tube stage by S.Millward and a master volume stage to have levels stored with the snaps. I created a new sample map as well as some new snaps that have a nice pad character. There are also some free slots for user samples and i recommend using them with your own field recordings, bits and pieces. It's great fun!

Some users (including me :-)) experienced crashes while editing graincloud sample maps.
A possible workaround is to switch off Reaktors engine while working on the maps


sequenced Gonzzo v1.1
By Bernd Keil

with AutoBass
Gonzzo classic by ugh 1999 mod by NI 2001
Hammerhead samples by Bram Bos 1997
Sequencer by Lazyfish 2003
AutoBass by Dieter Zobel 2004
Mastering Limiter by ???

Start the clock .. enjoy


wall_O_sound v1.0
By rick scott

wall-of-sound maker
turns a sample or sample map into a wall of sound.



A Scanner Darkly v1.0
By Jim Hurley

128 Skanner snapshots

Stephan Schmitt's new Christmas present with 12 custom waves and 128 new snapshots.


BDSynth v1.0
By Ralf Müller

Base Drum Synthesizer
A small synth to create customized, fine-tuned base drum sounds. Suitable for all kinds of electronic music.


Syrinx emulation v3.0
By CC lines of the acid

Play with peak
My second emulation of old synths. It Synton syrinx. I've never seen it in reality, did everything according to the information from websites. Who has a real Syrinx, write comments, I'll make changes...
Has added instructions to management body.
Add polyphony.
Routing filter is changed.


SS_Sound system v1.0
By CC lines of the acid

wavetable and not only
Remade syntch Orpheus. It Is made under impression from SIAC by Zootook.
Different noises,pads and fx.