Best of Reaktor User Library July 2007


Fresh Lisa fx v1.0
By Don Dailey

Homage to two great ideas

I simply added 4 parts Peter Dines "The Freshmaker" to 1 part Dieter Zobel's "Lisa FX" and stir in a bunch of new snaps. Mmm, delicious!
I find this thing works with almost any sound input, but I really like drone sounds and vocal bits (spoken word) or some randomish percussion sounds.
Of course, these snaps will change with the audio send through, but it's always a party!
Thanks Dieter and Peter. You inspire. Now, off to make some music with this hot combo.


Lisa FX v1.0
By Dieter Zobel

Travel Lisa as fx very simple to use

By heinrich angel

Guitar Amp Simulation

I was very inspired of the TT-Amp from Tammo Trüper (Thanks Tammo!!!)
My Friend is a very professionel Guitar-Player and he like the sounds very much.
But the Panel with a lot of Parameters are to much for him.
So I tryed to make a more easyer User Interface for him.
And now he love it very much.
If there comes good Feedbacks of the "TWANGY AMP" I want make some other Models.


Loop & Beat Machines

vOOgleE v1.1
By Matthew Todman

Live Realtime Vectory Style Mashing Effect

Really simple live realtime mashing effect using a Vectory style window (has 5 different patterns), and keyboard masher (stolen from Booglebeta, ands uses Clist Gate macro again). Comes with a sampler for demo. Originally made for an VST effect in LIVE, and has alternative labels for keys when used in LIVE (though you will have to transpose the LIVE keyboard down a bit). Update 1.1 added live based gui and more patterns to select



Driftwood Arpeggiator v2.0
By James Clark

Complex arpeggiator
A complex but fun arpeggiator, for those who like things going up and down and sideways.
Combine with your favorite noise maker for hours of fun.
Mouse-over the controls and buttons to get info on how to make it run.
(update to include the most recent version of the .ism file - the original upload had an older pre-release version in it)


Sibani v1.0
By Bernd Keil

SiGM Simple GM drum map. Hook in a MIDI file channel 10 General MIDI or take one from AccompGM2 Using several macros out of the user lib. Thanx!