Best of Reaktor User Library June 2009


JBM RastaDelay v1.0
By Johan Brodd


You like the 70's? You like dub? Then you like RastaDelay!

RastaDelay imitates oldskool band delays with self oscilating resonance and 6 different filter types.

PingPong Delay v1.0
By Jens Michaelis


Analog PingPong Delay


schrittmacher v1.0
By Dieter Zobel


connect a synth of your choice.
Haben Sie bitte Spass.

thanks to Jonathan Style for nice faders.
huge thanks to Mike Daliot for the
woody woodpeaker.


62 Snapshots for Subtractor v 1 v1.0
By Julian Cafarella

62 Snaps for 'Subtractor 1.0' (original version of Reaktor emulation
(1)These sounds will strike many as harsh and unmusical but they also demonstrate that there are many ways in which the Subtractor emulation's phase modulation and filters can be put to use to create sounds with great textural potential
(2) I hope these will be of as much use to other Reaktorusers as they were pleasurable for me to create

(3) A word of warning though: some people will probably want to adjust the level of some snaps down. I needed to take great care with some of these sounds when playing in the higher registers above C4 especially when wearing headphones


Nicolaj v1.0
By Bernd Keil


for Tesla Arc
Thanks for the synth KMA.



By James Clark


funky fm oscillatorix
An experiment in waveform creation.
Something I am trying to put in hardware. Basically a 2-op FM/PM with waveform mangling.
Try to run it with as high a sampling rate as your system can handle, to minimize aliasing grunge
(unless you like that sort of thing).


Gizmo Ubiquit Morph v1.1
By Bernd Keil


CC4 mod
Based on CC4 perc synth based seq, inlc. Ubiquibs based on devs by didier leboz,
RMX from Pannax and SnapMorph based on devs by Gerhard Senz.

Swap A/B sw/button: rel is when morphing from A to B switch and buttons active on A and vers versum.
Inv is when morphing from A to B switch and buttons active on B and vers versum. Store is not active!

Speed 1: 100 sec from A to B. Pause 8/11 sec at A/B.


Reason's "Subtractor" Synth v1.0
By Simon Klapper


(kind of) Emulation of the "Subtractor" from Propellerheads Reason
This is an emulation of Propellerheads "Subtractor", a polyphonic synthesizer based on subtractive and phase offset synthesis.
In fact this is no real emulation, because I only rebuilt the structure without any emulation of the specific sound. So it does only look and feel but not sound like Subtractor.

The oscillator section consists of
all in all 5 oscillators.
Each of the two main oscillators (Osc1 & 2) consist of one normal waveform and a copy of this, that can be phase-offset to the first one (for phase modes = "x" & "-"). Then, the two signals are subracted (for Phase Mode = "-") or multiplied (for Phase Mode = "x"). Setting Phase Mode to "o" turns the second oscillator off and just puts out the normal waveform.
The noise oscillator is mixed to Osc2, Osc1 can be mixed with Osc2 (now having the noise in it) using the Mix control.

After that, there are 2 Filters that can be linked. Filter 1 is multimode and has an own envelope, Filter 2 is a lowpass filter.

All volumes are controlled by the volume envelope.
The master Level is the last control before the signal leaves the synth.

Some parameters can be modulated by different sources:
- monophonic LFO (LFO1)
- polyphonic LFO (LFO2)
- extra envelope (Mod. Envelope)
- Velocity
- Modwheel
- Midi (Ext. Mod)

CHANGES (in compare to the original Subtractor):

+ All oscillators can now work synced to gate now (using teh "Osc Sync"-button), so that same snapshots wont sound different,
when re-loading after changes (I experienced this issue using the original "Subtractor").
+ There now is a clip indicator above the master level control.

- Legato mode only works in "Mono"-Mode.
- Polyphony settings can not be saved with snapshots (use "Mono"- or "Poly"-Mode to save at least this information inside snapshots).
- "low BW" option is not available. To save CPU costs, lower your sample rate and/or control rate
- only the four most important waveforms are available
- bad FM and ring mod sound
- there is no analog sound emulation at all, everything is fully digital
- current knob and fader values are only displayed in the "Current Value" box, not as a cursor tooltip/hint

For more information & help look at the control-descriptions (hints) or contact me:


Subtractor v1.0
By Stephan V.


Another version
Just to help you with phase offset modulation.


Tesla " Singing Arc" v6.0
By Keith Adams


Emulation of a Musical Tesla Coil
A new trend for coilers is to build Solid State Tesla Coil Drivers.
Using Switched transistors or mosfets in place of the spark or rotary gap.
Using a solid state driver opens up a great way to Pulse Width Modulate the coil.
If a Audio Source is used as a modulation source the Tesla Coils sparks will actual reproduce an Audio Signal.
Which is often called a "Singing Arc" or a "Musical Tesla Coil".
Something like a gritty plasma speaker or lighting bolt synth (if their was such a thing)
This is a emulation with full midi pitch range, Amp, Filter and Filter Envelope.
Helpful if you don't wanna break the bank building a real one,
or killing your cat with high voltage.
Recent updates include volume fix and game music demo.
Plus 31 Snapshots created by sound designer Bernd Keil.