Best of Reaktor User Library July 2009


Fugly v1.1
By josh hinden


Makes things sound fugly
This is an effect that makes things sound fugly (f&%king ugly).

Thanks to all I borrowed from..
most of this is just stuff that was modded and aggregated from various ensembles.
I can't remember who you are, but thank you!
There are some Spark inspired fx in there though...

You can use this effect VERY subtly and it won't sound fugly.
It actually sounds quite nice.

No rules here...just turn knobs and play.



Passion One v1.0
By Bernd Keil


SPARK presets
108 snapshots for wonderful SPARK by Stephan Schmitt.



RedPlanet v1.2
By Sonic Revolutions


Classic analog style synth
First attempt at a classic analog style synth in Reaktor