Best of Reaktor User Library june 2.013


Channel Strip QC05 v1.1
By Alexandre Pilote

Channel Strip

High quality compressor with optional saturation

Equalizer 6 bands from 20 to 20,000 Hz

High quality reverberation

Stereo image processing

Double chorus


Phase analyzer

Two VU meters (input and output)

Addition or correction feature of version 1.1:
Adding text to the frequencies, instead of going from 0.1 to 1 in terms of frequencies, the exact frequency is included.

Text correction frequencies for Hi and Hi Shelf, an error had been made in version 1.0. 2000 is replaced by hz 20,000 hz.
Changing "" Stepsize "to gain eq and the user can now choose more accurately the amount of gain applied.

Changing the "Mouse Resolution" to gain a higher value, the user can now have a better gain accuracy.


LongVerb v1.3
By Theo Holloway

LongVerb is Long
A "warts and all" reverb with a bit of pitch-shift, wobble, & saturation. Can make horrible noises (including self-oscillation), but can also sound rather lovely. Because you can run it near oscillation, you can make huge, nebulous reverbs ideal for dub or drone.

rev 1.1:
* Tweaked design to sound a bit smoother
* Skinned, re-arranged controls
* Made reverb matrix constants accessible
* Added a few pre-sets
* Auto-mute to minimise crunch on pre-set recall

rev 1.2:
* Added limiter as per Hans
* Made the pitch shift a little smoother

rev 1.3:
* Moved much of the processing to core modules - cut CPU load in half!


Static w/mmmd1 v1.0
By Jason Jochems

Live sequenced grain delay effect
A fully functional granular synth with a live input. It has a standard mode and an envelope mode that allow you to trigger the sequencer to play through one time as an envelope. Includes integrated gater/tremolo effect built into panel b.

Also includes Martin Brinkmann's legendary Mmmd drum machine as a sound source for the effect.



CandyBox v1.6
By Matthias Schaffner

drum synth machine
The idea is to have a synth engine hidden behind a simple front panel, to make presets and use them like a regular drum machine.
Panel B opens the complete synth of each part.

The sequencer is a modified version of martin brinkmanns dsq32-3, with some custom knobs and a simple humanize function.
You can set the velocity for each step in 4 steps.

V 1.6: changed the FX-send routing, now everything is in stereo and you can pan between original and wet signal to easily mix in FX in row without changing the overall amplitude... and fixed the step meter, which wasn't displaying correctly



Krakli S3 v2.1
By Ian Webster

S3 Ensemble Synth
This is a Port of the Krakli S3 synth first created in Synthedit.
Apologies for borrowing the Phazor from the Eminent 310 ensemble. Hopefully there is enough new stuff here to make up for that. I did get in a knot with the effects routing and think that I need to better understand the output levels (Any advice gratefully received)


Multi Band Envelope v1.0
By 高橋

Multi Band Envelope Sound Generator
It can be modulated by noise and LFO envelope or each band four, can generate various sounds.


Multiband and Multicomb resonators v1.0
By Jedinhopy Xelon

Polyphonic resonators
Multiband and Multicomb makes the stereo image better.

Bandpass filters use 512 voices.

Comb filters use 128 voices.

Sounds close to physical modelling.


Multi Resonance v1.0
By 高橋

Multi Resonance Sound Generator
By Resonance different one 4, 'Multi Resonance Sound Generator' is a synthesizer to create various sounds.
You can be modulated by the noise and 2 LFO and 2 envelope of frequency bandwidth gain to (can also reject) boost.
Please enjoy the sounds that unlike traditional synthesizer!


RUHR v2.1
By Herwig Krass

polyphone modular synthesizer
polyphone modular synthesizer
with wires on panel

4. Juli 2013 v2.1
- fixed: cyclic switches
- changed sequencer clock definition (see hints)

3. Juli 2012 v2.0
very quick loading and saving in edit mode!
two new snap banks herw 2 and herw 3


V-Prodigy v1.3
By Antonio Antetomaso

Virtual Moog Prodigy
Customization of the Moog Prodigy 1.0 by Frank Feldt.

- Graphic improved (custom knob)
- Secondary controls organized (hum/hiss) inside panel B
- Fixed the values for the controls of the two envelopes
- Fixed the values for the glide

No snapshots for now, only an INIT the original machine that hasn't presets ;)

-- V 1.3 --

- Fixed LFO
- Minor fixes on the graphic panel
- 15 snapshots added
- Some minor fixes