Best of Reaktor User Library january 2.012


FreakShow v1.1
By Carsten Brück

Sequenced Effects with Knobs
There is a .pdf included.. a simple Effect-Sequencer to produce these glitched pop-Sounds of a beat for example.. works also with other material... for Reaktor-Users Aerobic or Sinebeat is quite nice.. i like to use it with Microtonic...quite useful for even more crazyness is to use the snapshot morphing function... theres a compressor at the end of the signal-chain to get kind of limiting...



Metaphysical Function stereo v1.2
By Simon Stockhausen

MF with stereo sample playback
Two years ago when doing my first Bank for MF I asked around if someone could rewire MF so that it would play back samples in stereo. Rick Scott was so kind to do this. As the Spin module always routes the left side to the right and vice versa I added two faders in the central graphics area. One for the Spin Module level and one for everything else. If you want to hear your samples in stereo turn the level of the Spin Module down/to zero. The more you turn it up the more your samples will sound in mono.

I have encountered issues with MF concerning the automation. When opening the ensemble for the first time in standalone or within a DAW the internal automation of MF can get stuck. Although the green automation buttons are active the yellow faders won‘t move. Flipping through a few patches in the Snapshot browser solves that issue. If you see a green automation button lit but no yellow fader moving, something is wrong. Once the Automation gets going, it works for all patches. A bit like an old Mercedes...


MF Auralis 3.3.2 v3.5
By Jim Hurley

Auralis gets Metaphysical
Metaphysical Function meets Auralis

128 Samples made from Auralis 2.1
256 snapshots for Metaphysical Function Stereo

MF Auralis is a marriage of two great Reaktor products: Metaphysical Function and Auralis v2.1 by Kristian Thom.

I am a big fan of science fiction and I think it shows in the snapshots for this. There are plenty of drones, many MIDI-controlled samples, some have great-looking visuals for when you are tired of sound, and several snapshots in sequence tell a small story, usually those involve dragons and robots. A few of the snapshots are extremely complex and go on for long periods of time.

The A view and B view are different and there are two panelsets. There is a small random snapshot button that may be enabled to slowly go through the banks of snapshots at random. This I call 'party mode'.

The Metaphysical Function version in here is different from any others and not compatible with any earlier version. All the automation is exposed, many info tips are added, some minor internal improvements are made, and there are many more resochord and reverb settings. It should be a lot easier to randomize, morph and merge snapshots with this version, I do it all the time.

I borrowed heavily from the ideas of Simon Stockhausen's Metaphysical Function Eternity. Rick Scott (rachMiel) provided many changes and ideas in here. There is a limiter from James Walker-Hall. And probably lots more that I am forgetting from the talented and imaginative Reaktor user community.

This ensemble does not include the sample map and samples, which are too big for the user library.

If you have an earlier version of MF Auralis, you can save time by extracting the Map file from that ensemble - the samples are version-independent.

Or you can download the map file containing the samples from this location:

It is about 356 MB in size (!) and may be unpacked using any RAR decompressor on the PC or MAC.

When you start the first time, Reaktor will ask for the sample map. Cancel out of that and locate it either by extraction from the old version or downloading from the location above. Using the sample editor, Edit->Load map will allow you to load the map file. You can load your own samples and there may be some interesting serendipitous results.

macJan’s note:
disregard the download link. The map is already included in the dmg file inside MF Auralis 3.3.2 folder... ;-)


RUHR v1.0
By Herwig Krass

polyphone modular synthesizer
polyphone modular synthesizer
with wires on panel


Umaefahri v2.0
By Urs Baumgartner

Wavescannig synthesizer
just play and enjoy