Best of Reaktor User Library march 2.012


4 Band FilterVerb v1.0
By michael o'hagan

4 Band X Over with FX
This is a 4 band crossover with an individual filter and reverb per band.

ther are 40 filter types and a micro space on each of the adjustable bands.

there is a master filter cutoff control that will affect all 4 filters.

It has a ratio control for each filter to create precise control over each band.

can be pretty CPU hungry if all 4 reverbs are active but its worth it.


Effects Trix v1.0
By michael o'hagan

Multi FX unit with sequencer
A Multi FX unit with sequencer similar to sugarbytes effectrix, hence the name Effects Trix.

Stutter with Pitch
Sample Rate Reducer
High Pass Filter
Low Pass Filter
Delay Cut


Zero Kelvin v1.1
By Tom Randle

Effect based on the Electro Harmonix Freeze Pedal
The Zero Kelvin ensemble was inspired by the Electro-Harmonix Freeze pedal. It’s not an exact replica as I added a few customizations of my own (stereo, pitch shifting, etc.)

The primary purpose of this effects ensemble is to generate drones and sustaining notes/chords from live input by "freezing" audio passing through. Kind of like a seamless looper with a really short memory.

There are two identical (stereo) freezing instruments in parallel: ICE1 and ICE2. The captured frozen signals can be shaped via a 10-band EQ and multimode 4-pole filter and finally crossfaded manually or via modulation (aka churn).

The ensemble was built with live performance in mind which accounts for the large displays and huge LEDs. I also kept true switches to a minimum to allow for parameter and modulation changes without losing the current buffer.

If you’re a guitarist and cursed with only two hands, I recommend using a foot controller to map the hold buttons.

It can be heavy on CPU when running in dual stereo mode. CPU usage can be greatly reduced by switching either ICE instrument to mono or by switching to “single” mode.

Credits to:
-Chet Singer for his excellent EQ macro (part of the awesome Ampere Modular collection) and associated art
-Bernd Keil for some knobs ("031 tlm" in the Reaktor user library)

All other custom artwork, switches, knobs and sliders were made by me. Feel free to use them in your own ensembles!



Grainator v1.2
By Rahman Kebbie

A Simple Granular Synth
Hi Guys

This is the first time I've built a granular synth in Reaktor as I am new to the software.

(No new macros were created but used pre-made macros instead).

The Grainator includes:

Grain Cloud with x8 samples.
4x Modulation Destinations (Pitch, Distance, Grain Length, Position).
Multimode Filter w/ Filter Envelope.
Amp Envelope.
3x Integrated Effects (Pitch Shift, Dual Sync Delay, Microspace Reverb).
Stereo Amp.


Granular Sampler v1.0

A Simply Granular Sampler



\\\ v1.0
By Dmitriy Vasiliev



Aries v1.3
By michael o'hagan

Aries Multi Mode Mono Synth
This is Aries, a multi mode monophonic synth with 4 oscillators and 8 selectable oscillator types.

1-There is the Analog modeled oscillator engine.

2-An audio table based wavetable oscillator engine with 8 selectable wavetables with 128 waves each, 1024 total waves.

3-A Sample based oscillator engine with 8 banks of single cycle waveform samples, 1024 waves total.

Single Cycle waves provided by Kristoffer Ekstrand aka Adventure Kid

lots more free single cycle waves available here...

4-A Spectral oscillator engine where you can draw in you own wave shapes, 128 wave slots, 67 slots filled, 61 wave slots available for custom wave shapes.

5-An additive wavetable engine with 300 wave shapes and room for 200 more, works in single wave mode or in wavetable mode.

6-A granular sample engine to use samples as wavetables, 2 banks with 128 slots each, 192 wave sample included and room for 64 more to be added.

7-An Oki Computer wavetable engine where you can custom edit your own wavetables.

8-An FM operator oscillator with 128 wave shapes to choose from.

1 master filter with 39 filter types

2 Global FM operators that can affect all oscillators, each with 3 FM modulator enige types, Analog, Sample based and a wavetable FM modulator.

and a ton of available modulators

4 Mod Envelopes

4 LFO's

4 multi point envelopes

4 pattern performers

4 step sequencers

4 Smart knob macros

4 X/Y pads

and a host of other features and FX.

It has about 530 Snapshots in a variety of styles

An 18 page manual is included in the zip file.


There is one thing I forgot to write in the manual, in the upper left corner above oscillator one there are 2 knobs and a button.

the two knobs are labeled "Start" and "Ratio".

These two knobs only affect key scaling as a modulator and nothing else.

If you use key scaling as a modulator you can use these two knobs to determine where keyscaling will start and how intense the scaling will be from key to key.

The button labeled "Pitch Tracking" will de-activate pitch tracking and make all keys play as #60/C3.

Thats the only thing left out of the manual, sorry.


Oki Mutation v1.0
By michael o'hagan

A Mutation of Oki Computer
This is a mutation of Oki Computer.

It has the Oki Computer wavetable engine with 2 envelopes and 2 LFO's.

The main addition is a 4 band filter with dedicated Distortion and an LFO distortion per band.

This is designed to make really rough and raw aggressive types of sounds.