Best of Reaktor User Library October 2.009


g'LitchToo v3.4
By rick scott


  glitchMacher - new and improved!
g'LitchToo glitches incoming audio. the results are much more discrete/granular than g'Litch.

good for creating real-time extreme remixes: choose one of the remix templates, set yer bpm, load a song in Playerbox (looping off), let 'er rip. ;-)

inspired by the fabulous reaktor work of florian erdle.



drum efecto doble v1.0
By paco calostro


  sample drums
Antonio blanca ,lazyfish,Ekuacion
the drum efecto doble .no es lo que utilizamos mas bien es como lo utilizamos


drum digital-R8 v1.0
By paco calostro


  drum midi-r8
R-8 sounds


Live audio looper v1.3
By Ignasi Alvarez Garriga


  Sampler with different play modes. Core cells.
An attempt to build a live sampler/looper with different play modes. An intense exercise on using arrays. Two of them work as a model for a stereo tape loop, and three separate core cells act as heads: clear, write and read. Time windows can be adjusted thru mouse clicking on small green rectangles over audio output display. There is an "idx gen" core cell that generates an index or position pointer to write on the tape, and a separate core cell "read idx gen" that generates the pointer for reading tape's content. The way these pointers behave are the different play and rec modes: Normal, Reverse, ping pong and random for playing; and Overwrite, Overdub and Insert for writing. In random play mode, grain size can be adjusted. A pitch control (really smooth) allows to alter reading speed. The whole stuff is syncable to frames at two different rates and read and write pointers can run linked or unlinked.


pLastique v1.1
By rick scott


  beat loop pLasticizer
pLasticizes beat loops: warps them (speed, pitch, timbre, delay) like a funhouse mirror.

useful for creating new/plastic beat loops from existing/quantized ones.



OxO::OxO v1.2
By rick scott


  atmospheric pad
good for spooky atmospherica, in preparation for halloween.

1. click rndTemp.
2. click randoMize.
3. fine-tune results.


Vintage synths v1.0
By Stephan V.


  A collection of some classic synths
this is a small collection of classic synthesizers.
two monophonic synths (minimoog and SH-101) and two polysynths (jupiter-8 and prophet 5). the polyphonic synths come with 64 presets, the monophonic ones have no presets (like the originals).
The synths are taken from older reaktor libraries with some small changes except of jupiter-8.

i don't know how close they sound to the original ones but in my opinion they sound pretty good and it makes a lot of fun to play with them.

the preset selectors of the polysynths have a small bug: once you open the ensemble, you first have to select a bank in order to get the selectors work.


By Radian Sound Lab


Update V2.1.2

Synthesizer oriented Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Electro
2 Oscillators with Waveforms: Saw, Pulse, TRIANGLE, SINE
1 EQ
Effects: phazer, chorus