Best of Reaktor User Library may 2.014


4 taps 2 lines one earth
by ward dei jager


4 input taps , 2 stereo delay lines, individual pan position , saturation effect ..,
extreme modualtion amountfor for pitch shift effects etc ...
Added a new sine based/tanh shaper...verry nasty sounding ...
core adapted transfer function taken from the vst func
shaper by robin schmidt
Version 1.2 ...separate xy controllers for the line 1 and 2 ..possibility to slave
1.3 added pan control to input taps



Green Box
by Paule Amca


Based on Accompanist

Tiny drum machine with eight selectable sample playback units & pataphysicals.
Four voice drummer.
Edit your drum patterns with the knobs and save them in your own snap shots!
Use the Reset buttons and mute auto snapshot morphing while you edit snapshots.

512 samples: ethno, hihat/claps, snare and bassdrum.
More than 200 snapshots



by ward de jager


drumsynthesis based on microtonic

Well a microtonic clone but without the sequencer
Only 6 parts instead o eight on the original ..
and the bandpas filter ( core ) is not as steep an good sound ing as on the original
Update , added a 10 harmonic oscilattor ( it's a 10 voice core sine module Not the primary sinebank )
So it can get pretty cpu intesnive when the partial osc is enabled for all parts .
Muting parts preserves cpu ..enjoy
Added a new 'sine/tanh shaper' , same as in my delay '4taps 2 lines 1 earth ...' from robin schmidt func.shaper ..
It kicks serious ass ..really


MPT Deep House Chord Stab Synth
by Danny Lewis


Specialises in 1 finger chords for Deep House

It's just a simple 6 osc synth with FX that is designed to give the non-musically trained users out there easy access to credible and usable Deep House chords. Each osc is designed to be a note in the chord and it comes with a large selection of snapshots well suited to deep house. You can see it demo'd in these videos - and


PataFun 6.2 Superformular
by Paule Amca


a modification of:
METAPHYSICAL FUNCTION - Instrument Design: Mike Daliot, James Walker-Hall. Interface Design: Phirol. - (C) Native Instruments 2004 - Pataphysical Function - robiquib 2010 [sloRnd's] - 40 reso chord presets available - 30 reverb presets available - limiter by Jim Hurley - eq+: mid & freq controls - mix/spin leveler from ul - environment 002 sample map - advantage screen with mouse area functions from Brunhilde - changed distortion to phaser and set an extra slider for feedback - LFO switch on Speed - some GUI mods - a bit transform mod - Superformular 2 by Jim Hurley - it's 4 free (2014) - have fun.

v 6.16: done pata changes some based on an idea by Jim Hurley - have am ear on the 14 minute demo.
v 6.2 if you press the gate button (left beneath the new slider it´s snap shot isolated) and hit a key you get addional changes from Superformular 2 by Jim Hurley.