Best of Reaktor User Library april 2.011


Metasonix TM-7 v1.0
By Trevor Gavilan

Reaktor Emulation of the Metasonix TM7
Based on Jesse Voccia's Tube and Filter design of the G1000.
There is no association with Metasonix what so ever, I am borrowing Eric's visual design without permission and just for fun. No profit intended!!!
Thank you Jesse Voccia for the inspiration and I hope you don't mind me borrowing a couple macros.

B view is for tweaking.



ReaktorMaschine v1.1
By Oliver Greschke

Drummodules for Maschine
Here is a multi drummodule for plugin use in Maschine.

Most work was done by other people, I just grabbed an reconnected parts.

The basic idea is that you have a drummodule with different algorithms, like different kick, snare, etc. models.


the silverbird reloaded v2.1
By Andre Goc

revised Version with new GUI
Hi there?

This upload brings you a completely revised version of the former silverbird. Some improvements had to be done:

-sequencer-data is now stored with the snapshots!
-unique GUI design
-clicking into the windows of the sequencers opens the
corresponding drum-module
-no more clicking at short decay times.(improved envelopes)
-Randomize function implemented
-Remix function for less static patterns and automatic randomly created breaks
-three switchable single-outputs(audio)with flexible routing
for processing the uneffected signal with external devices
-revised sample maps
and of course:
a pile of new snaps

All samples in this machine are self-made stuff. They are not proceeded. Try loading your own samplelibrary or other products as samplemaps into the silverbird.

Thanks and greets to Johann Kanzler for the GUI, some presets & for the help to realize new ideas.



Troja v1.0
By Bernd Keil

for Percheron



NagusToy IV v1.0
By Dieter Zobel

ein spielzeug
ohne didaktischen wert



LoopyN v2.0
By Bernd Keil

Morphing Noisebrain
Noisybrain LoopyN - ubi pata physicals

Dedicated to Simon Klapper:
we like the music from your homepage MOM.

Panel A and B are different

thank you Dennis for the basics

ubi units are switchable


Percheron v1.1
By Christopher Orth

VA style synth with blended wave shapes
- VA style synth
- 3 Oscillators (two variable saw/tri/sine, one pulse)
- 3 LFOs
- Delay and Chorus
- 3 Filters (Lowpass 4p, Lowpass 2p, BP)
- AHDSR filters for both Cutoff and Resonance

Percheron is my first synth in Reaktor. It's basic but solid, and has about 20 patches included. I used many core nodes in it's construction.


Umox_KP v1.1
By Shai Levy

Zobel meets Performer
we at Konkreet Labs, like pretty much every Reaktor user who has been around for a week or two, admire Dieter Zobel's work, and decided to start and share some of his Reaktor gems, mapped to our OSC controller - Konkreet Performer.

Unox is made out of LatinumSeq, an automated sequencer, and GrandNagus, a synth that sports 4 parallel, identical generators, with the right amount of fx to pulse some warm, fuzzy sounds in a rather generative fashion.

the original has been slightly modified, changed "full stop" switchers to faders, for the oscillator and modulation type, to allow smoother transitions when controlled with Performer's vectors.

the ensemble is ready-mapped with the following: (see ensemble info)

8 nodes control the 4 generators

ribbon control: drive / smash

object peripheral: slapback dry / wet

object x / y: filter cuttoff / res

thank you Mr. Zobel!