Best of Reaktor User Library march 2.013


Piky v2.1
By Dario Lupo

Easy Pluck Synthesizer
Two-oscillator synthesizer based on the creation of "pikes" and "plucks" with extreme ease.


Synesthesia.1 (Hybrid Granular FM Sampler/Synth) v1.0
By Kyle Altenderfer

Hybrid Granular FM Sampler/Synth
This is the first version of a Hybrid Granular FM Sampler/Synth I've been working on. There are only a few ready made patches in this version. I'm looking for people to test it. Let me know if you have any questions or issues. It does require a decent amount of CPU but should run fine on most computers. There are 4 voices in the oscillator section. Each is selectable between Sampler, Sin, Triangle, Square, Saw, and Noise. Pulse width is available for Square. There is a myriad of modulation possibilities in the routing matrix. All voices are able to use FM. Built in effects include Grain Cloud Delay, Space Reverb, Chorus, Stereo Imaging, and Compression. Some parameters in the effects section are even modulate-able. There are 4 Multi LFOs, 4 Envelopes, and 4 Sequencers for modulators. The Modulation matrix can route 10 things at once currently... This will expand in the next version.


TG-8H (lazyfish) v2.1
By lAZy fISh

This is the "Skrewell" prototype. Never exploding, but can sound different from what you saved as snapshot.


TG-8H Live v1.0
By rick scott

A live-playable mod of lazyfish's TG-8H
TG-8H Live

This is a mod of TG-8H that enables it to be played live using the XY pad. (Point to the XY to see how.)

View A - original
View B - XY alone


TG-8K-bbcb v1.2
By Nick Petty

Based on TG-8H
Based on LazyFish's awesome TG-8H the TG-8K-bbcb has stacked multiwave oscillators and a redesigned user interface.

Youtube videos:

Soundcloud group:


theBOX v2.1
By Dario Lupo

Intuitive Experimental Synthesizer
Intuitive 3-oscillator experimental synthesizer for Native Instruments Reaktor.