Best of Reaktor User Library feb 2.013


PhourPhilta v1.1

By pierre-andre soulier

A powerful modular filter, easy to use.
Four unit, modular, with saturation, delay, many modulators, and a matrix!



OB-Y v3.0

By ZooTooK .

Imitation of Oberheim OB-X
Version 3 includes unstablized oscillator to get even more "analog" sound.

Yet another imitation of a 2 oscillator subractive polyphonic synthesizer. This time the OB-X from Oberheim. It is similar to the Prophet 5 (major competitor at the time) and the younger Synthex.
The OB-X has two younger brothers, OB-Xa and OB8. They are not exactly the same but very similar.

This is very much a bread and butter analog poly synth, but I would like to put your attention on the Voice panning feature. Each voice can have it's own stereo panning. This is really a unique feature I'v never seen on any other synth so far (ok, the PPG gets close). Instant fat pads :-)

To hear the OB-X in action check out Tangerine Dream's album Exit, Japan's Tin Drum and Rush's Moving Pictures.

I used my OB-Xb ensemble as a starting point creating the OB-Y. When I built the OB-Xb I used the ensemble Super Prophet by C. Heusser as a starting point. In addition to the original design I’v put velocity control to the filter and amplitude
(velocity controllers from Uwe G. Hoenig’s Nanowave). The button image is taken from James Clarks excellent Mona/Polly ensemble (I modified them a bit). The keyboard image is taken
from an ensemble by Soundpilot. The time constant glide is using a macro by John Nowak. Also I added some build-in effects, which there are not in the original synth. Apart from that I’v tried to be as true to the design of the OB-X as I could.
Also in an effort to be as true as possible is the small amount of random controlling the oscillator pitch (also from Super Prophet). This gives the ensemble a slight "phat" sound
especially in combination with the chorus. I have never seen or used the real thing I have no idea how close the OB-Y sounds to the original. I used the manual's of OBX to get details in addition to Jeffrey's excellent home page for the OB-Xa (see below).
If you have any suggestions on how to make this imitation more close to the real thing, please tell me.