Best of Reaktor User Library March 2007


El Effekto v1.1
By Chris List

Live Effekt version of El Destrukto

Yes I know we really don't need ANOTHER glitchy semi-random grain mangler but I wanted to upload this to showcase the Live Grain Cloud macro...

This version of El Destrukto swaps out the grain sampler for my "Live Grain Sampler" that's based on work I did for the BeatLookup Effect" project
( )

This allows you to run all kinds of audio into it in realtime. It's especially nice when used with some of the more "synthetic" drum machines.

I also updated the "Tag Artist" for R5 by using the multidisplay to create colored boxes and made my own "fade out" algorithm for them.

This ensemble uses Daniel Battaglia's very nice "Glexonic" drum machine:
for demo purposes. Thanks for this upload Kid_Sputnik!

To get a sense of what the ensemble does, simply open it, hit play, and turn the "Dry / Wet" knob in the upper right of the panel back and forth. Dry = no effect, wet runs the audio through the El Destrukto engine. Mute (or delete) the tag artist instrument to save some CPU.

Sorry but there aren;t too many snapshots, and the tutorial doesn't really apply to this instrument. See the original El Destrukto instrument:
for a working tutorial.

Rotorcabinet 147V v1.1
By heinrich angel

Virtual Leslie


Loop and Beat Machines

Equinox Super Delux v1.0
By Robert Solheim

The Equinox Delux a bit further develope...

I love this synth and developed it a bit further, especially for my own musical needs. I changed the original OSC and added a Draw LFO to it. I also added a second OSC and noise. Further I added the Space Master Deluxe and Parametric EQ. The presets where made by me during two days/nights with a lot of herbal tea.

loopCooker v3.0
By rick scott

v2 - cooks loops into cubistic yummies

creates skewed variants of loops.

v2 is shrewder.



sKew v1.0
By rick scott

audio warping toy

nothing very special, just a little toy for making audio misbehave.



By Don Dailey

Remix of Tablatorium

Jungle Juice takes Tablatorium from India to other places.The tabla samples were replaced with John Cage's Prepared Piano samples, which make a gamelan-ish sound, though many of the sequencer patterns sound a bit more African. Resonator and Pitch Delay have been added for extra texture. The result is evidence that with an alternate set of samples, this can be a very diverse and useful synth. Thanks Rick for another ingenius device.

Credits: Rick Scott for Tablatorium and Uwe G. Hoenig for the Resonator (taken from Travelizer. Snaps and Mod design by Don Dailey.

UPDATE: Fixed the Auto button (thanks Phil!). This is of special interest for this synth, which randomizes to very useful sounds.)

Pattern+ v1.5
By Matthew Todman

8 Bar, 8 Track (with 6 mod channels per track) Step Sequencer:

Step Sequencer meant for Drums or whatever! Please read text panels on the instrument for more details. Highly experimental no snaps, only one for the demo, and not many tooltips... sorry! Included with SickBaastard (by Stephan V ..cheers dude) just for demo purposes. I'm working on a version with a drum sample section, better GUI, and more efficient event handling. Until then some people may find this useful!

Update: Changed the Sick Baastard snap a little to sound a bit better, updated the decode macro, and just used the snap randomise to create the snaps which can work quite well =)

Added a 2Osc version which includes a Note Off Adapter Macro for using with other pre built synths! It might work aye!

1.4 Added Internal Midi CC control version (demo with oki and baastard) to quickly link Mod values to knobs etc no wires needed... again just realy thinking out aloud here.



2-Osc reMix v1.0
By rick scott

this is a great synth and randomizes quite well. with some patience, you can get some very beautiful and unusual sounds.

directions in instrument info.


AI-1 v1.0
By Jonathan Style

2 Osc synth easy to use, several snaps.

Yet another 2 Osc synth. There is not much to say but to poke around it's easy to use.The B-panel has effects and Mod routing. Bank 1 has about 40 presets and Bank 2 Contains Perc. snaps.

The mp3 is a bit chessy but I hope that it show what can be done with only one synth.

Thanks to Stephan V. for the Edit controls (simular to Mr. Mono) and the Numeric graphics (used in Tritum).

By heinrich angel

B3 upper with Leslie and Reverb

This Ensemble is a Clone of a Hammond B3
Upper Keyboard with a Leslie 147 Clone
and a Springreverb Unit.

The Modulation-Weel switch the Lesliespeed from slow to fast.


Invictus v1.0
By Miguel Santos

Virtual Analogue Synth:

INVICTUS is is my first Synth, a virtual analogue synthsizer created for Drum´n´Bass.
With 2 oscillators, 2 multimode filters (serial or serial/parallel routing), 3 envelopes, 1 LFO (draw your own wave!). Powerful Effects section with Saturation, Chorus and Phaser. Until here signal is mono. Then signal is stereo with delay and reverb.
Invictus also has 3 available Vision Scopes: OuraScope (view the sound), WaveScope (view the waveform) and PhaseScope (check the signal phase). Use its audio input (mono-Left) for creative effects!


NZ-1 v1.1
By Jonathan Style

Osc synth, LP(Ntch)/Saturated BP Filter, 2 Env, 2 LFO's. Monophonic synth.

Generators: 2 Osc (Saw,Triangle, variable Pulse) tuned at -12, Keyboard,+12, and Keyboard and sub.

Filter: LP(Ntch)/Saturated BP Filter

Modulation: AD(r), AR(d) envelopes, Triangle LFO, selectalbe Triangle & Random LFO.

FX: Distortion, Sample rate reduction, Pulser (Amp Modulation), and Delay.

Small amount of snaps (sorry will add more later).

update v0.1

Added new modulation controls.
Reduced Gui size
Included Don Dailey's snapshot's in bank 2

ROSCO v2.0
By Don Dailey

Another Frankenstein monster...

Fairly straight-forward synth with somewhat of a vintage feel. There are spare parts in this from a number of sources. I concenrated on arps and pads for the snaps. A few basses and leads thrown in, but it's capable of much more than I'm showing.
Update notes: fixed voice combiner - cpu is way down. (thanks Sowari).
New metal face, for those who care about looks.

Solina-V String Ensemble v1.0
By Hugo Portillo

This has become an obsession for the last two months and since I could not take it out of my mind I had to do it: to create an emulation of the king of the string machines (or queen for the Spanish speakers): the revered Solina String Ensemble.

I hope that at least I have captured the essence of that instrument since I neither own nor plan to own a real Solina SE.

I based my design on a variety of samples and websites with information about it.

It is a very simple instrument to use. The only thing to remember is to change the snapshots from the Ensemble section.

Thanks again to Mark Smart for his wonderful ARP Omni chorus/ensemble and to Hertz SM for his Flat Knobs. The rest of GUI is my design.

And of course thanks to Eminent/Solina for creating such a wonderful machine.

Space Machine 2 v1.0
By Don Dailey

An update of my mod of Space Drone. This version has different oscillators and randomizers added for extra fun.
Note: the snaps appear to be the same names as the previous version. They are with a 2"2" added, since they will sound a little different because of the oscillators plus a tweaked each one a little. So it's really a whole new set of sounds, first cousin to the previous ones. Randomizers for various sections makes everything more fun.

SubHarmonic ReMix v1.1
By rick scott

SubHarmonic with snap randomizers

gentle remix of this gentle soul.

randomize your way to interesting snaps.

Vile Creature v1.1
By Stephan V.

Monophonic Synthesizer

A very simple monophonic bassline synth. one oscillator (supersaw + subosc), 24dB Pro-52 lowpass filter with decay-envelope, low boost, overdrive, chorus and delay. 3-4% CPU on a 1,8 GHz Athlon.
Comes with 20 snaps and a short manual. Knobs by Bernd Keil.



windChimes RMX v2.0
By Dieter Zobel

remix of the windChimes machine,
original by Clear Menser 2004.