Reaktor Ensembles by Michael Wöstefeld


Michat´s Analogecho v0.3

Analog echo

Michats DroneEcho v1.0

Echo with unlimited feedback possibilities

The DroneEcho DE- P01 is a delay based on diffuser delays. You will be able to do dubeffects without distorting the feedback.

Preecho->input diffusion->main echo

including "tape noise", "tape error" and feedback "shape"

Input filters serial or parallel

syncable delay



Michats LCU v1.0

Litlle Crunching Unit by Michat

LCU is a saturator/distortion with serial/parallel filters in it. You can "crunch" the filtered signal or filter the "crunched" signal. Try the presets and you will know what to do with it!


Michat´s Multihead Tapeecho v0.3

Tapeecho simulation with four playback heads, tape simulation & drive error simulation


Michat´s Onehead Tapeecho v0.4

Tapeecho simulation (Space Echo)

Tapeecho simulation with one playback head, tape simulation & drive error simulation


Michat´s Reverb v0.3



Michats Space Designer v1.0

Space designer (reverb)

Michats Space Designer is a reverb for "putting your sound in space".

Predelay->early reflections->room

Ther are six rooms and four variations each.

!!!Michats Space Designer is not a standard reverb!!!


Michats Space Echo ME-201 v1.0

Space (Dub) Echo

The ME-201 is a "digital brother" of the Roland RE-201.
It contains a "recording preamp", which forces the incoming signal to sound like a real RE-201, the 12 multitap-modes with a spring reverb, tone control and, of course, RE-201 noise and tape fluctuation.
To complete the "realness" it has a "true mono"-mode ;-)



Michats Shiny Synthesizer v1.0

Synthesizer for the twinkle pad sounds

Michats Shiny Synthesizer is designed to produce twinkle pad sounds. It contains two sections:
On the left the basic section with three "analog" oscillators and a sample player for the basic pad sound.
On the right the shiny section, which is the same but with a user-controllable pitch-table and a chorus.
Both sections have all filters with main envelope and an own volume envelope.
For the master there are envelope and lfo plus a delay routable on pad, shiny or both.


Michats WAVEREAKTOR v3.0

Desktop Vector- and FM-Synthesizer

Michats Wavereaktor comes to you with 200 Waveforms (5 banks with 40 Waves)!!!
It gives you the possibility to choose between four sources via vectorstick or xy-lfo-sequencing. The complete signal is then routed into one filter with 6dB low- and highpass and 12dB low-, hi- and bandpass. You are also able to feed every source to another source for fm and to feed back the source to itself.
You can also feed the main signal to any source. in fm you can filter the waveforms before feeding them into a source.

Michael Wöstefeld (2005-09-19 14:13:30):
Sorry, adding sounds is complicate with this one, cause you need to expand switches and add more sample lookup modules. You also need to do this four times for every "Waveslot" and you have to link all switches together.
Because of the synth-engine, it is not possible to make modular sample import.