Best of Reaktor User Library february 2.012


FreakShowAdvanced v3.0
By Carsten Brück

Sequenced Effects/Gate
- 8-Step Sequencer for Effects
- MIDI-Clock works good, i recognized no problems when bouncing
- some feedback would be nice
- changed a lot in comparison to the other effect, which i will update soon...(MIDI-Clock, Steplength.. Crossfades etc..)
- you can substitute effects easy ..for example with the free buffeater one etc..
(description inside)
-MIDI-clock works good


LiveBuffer v1.0
By santiago vilanova

Live input granular manipulation
This is a set of effects based mostly on the old Grain Cloud Delay, for manipulating live input in granular flavour.
There is a BeatRepeat, TimeStretch, MicroDelay, Delay, FilterRamps and some other experiments.
Instrument has been designed for live use, so a panel for Midi snapshot recall has been included in each of the instruments. There are lots of presets done, so you can start using this ready out of the box!

I'm not a straight edge reaktor programmer, so most of the structures are messy, and possibly unefficient.
Maybe it could be a great idea to substitute grainclouddelay with some of the newest core developments for this kind of granular manipulation...


L3V3LL3R-X3 v1.1
By Dan Worrall

Meta-multiband version of the L3V3LL3R compressor
Multi-band compression using dynamic EQ.

The traditional way to build a multi-band compressor is to split the signal into the required number of bands (three in this case) using cross-over filters, then run each band through a separate compressor before mixing them back together again. This approach tends to cause phase problems around the cross-over frequencies, requiring sophisticated filter designs to minimize these effects.

L3V3LL3R-X3 takes a different approach: the signal is still split into three separate bands using cross-over filters, and these feed the side-chains of three separate L3V3LL3R style compressors. But the filtered signals are not mixed back together again: instead the gain modulation signals from all three compressors are matrixed into modulation signals for two dynamic shelving filters plus a gain stage.

To put it another way: while this ensemble behaves like a multi-band compressor, and allows you to solve many of the same problems, it is in actual fact a dynamic equaliser, and when it isn't doing anything, it really isn't doing anything.

The demo mp3 contains 8 bars of dry acoustic drums, then the same thing processed with fairly heavy compression from L3V3LL3R-X3

v1.1 update makes a slight change to the way the Solo in Place function works: Solo now works even if the band is turned off, so you can solo a band, then toggle the compression on and off to hear the difference in isolation.


StudioDelay v1.0
By Frank Thüm

Mod-Delay with Dynamic Feedback
- Stereo
- Cross Feedback
- Filter with HP, BP and LP
- LFO for delay time and filter cutoff frequency
- Dynamic Processor for the Feedback with Compress, Expand, Duck and Gate mode



Mandrile Drums v2.0
By paco calostro

New Drum Machine
Among other things, you can send midi receive 150 presets and many possibilities.
greetings to the entire community.
I would like to see soon Reaktor 5 in ipad etc. ..
a license for creators, with the possibility to export as ipad application and vsti.
more than interesting.
long life to the creature (Reaktor 5)


VSS-Reaktor v1.0
By Ben Melzer

lo-fi input sampling synthersizer
Inspired by the old Yamaha VSS-Series of sampling keyboards. Record any sound you like into the two samplers (1 second of sampling, 4 banks each), add even more lo-fi filtering and delay and play it with your keyboard.


Xdrum3 v3.0
By Poul Vestergaard

51 vintage rhythm composers with random selection and effects
Xdrum3 is a sample based rhythm composer for reaktor 5.6.2
It has more than 870 audio samples 74MB (29MB zip) from 51 vintage rhythm composers, and then 13 aditional soundsets.
Besides that it has more than 120 classic and electronica preset patterns.

big inspiration from:
LIME.lite v1.1
by Jörg Remmer Müller

stuff copied:

by Vitaly Zolotarev

exciter the Fixer v1.1
by Flemming Bloch

martin brinkmann

Fast FX
by Lazyfish

and others....

fixed issues from Xdrum2:

pitch change won't save
hold on midinotes for all pads
all mono modules
less real estate

new features:

no22 added with korg minipops mp7 samples
no36 roland tr808 replaced with better samples
no37 roland tr909 replaced with better samples
no47 yamaha pss140 replaced with yamaha mr10
no50 zdiy circuit replaced with yamaha ry30
no51 zdiy klingklang replaced with wersi wm24
no53 zdiy human some samples replaced with other diy

30db on volumes faders in stead of 20dB

midi output from step sequencer note 35 to note 51
midi input hold on note on

three new effect copyed from Fast FX by Lazyfish

freeze effect on C3 / note60 / keyboard "Q"
loop on controller 2
spin on controller 3
spin time on controller 4
jitter on controller 5

grainslice effect on D3 / note62 / keyboard "W"
slice a on controller 6
slice b on controller 7
lenght on controller 8
lenght mod on controller 9
random x on controller 10
random y on controller 11
slide on controller 12
slide mod on controller 13
asym on controller 14
decay on controller 15

slice modulation effect on E3 / note64 / keyboard "E"
slice a on controller 16
slice b on controller 17
sncvar on controller 18
rev a on controller 19
rev b on controller 20


01 acetone rhythmking
02 akai xr10
03 alesis hr16
04 boss dr110
05 boss dr220e
06 boss dr550
07 c64 sid
08 casio mt500
09 casio rapman
10 casio rz1
11 cheetah specdrum
12 emu edrum
13 emu sp12
14 gem drum15
15 hammond autovari64
16 kawai acr20
17 keio checkmate
18 korg ddd1
19 korg ddm110
20 korg kpr77
21 korg kr33
22 korg minipops
23 linndrum 9000
24 mattel synsonic
25 mti ao1
26 mxr 185
27 oberheim dx
28 pearl drx1
29 roland tr707
30 roland cr78
31 roland cr8000
32 roland r8
33 roland tr33
34 roland tr606
35 roland tr727
36 roland tr808
37 roland tr909
38 sakata dpm48
39 sequentialcircuits drumtracks
40 sequentialcircuits tom
41 simmons sds9
42 simmons sds1000
43 technics ax5
44 vermona drm1
45 visco spacedrum
46 wurlitzer swigingrhytm
47 yamaha mr10
48 yamaha rx5
49 yamaha rx15
50 yamaha ry30
51 wersi wm24
52 zdiy hiphop
53 zdiy human
54 zdiy nudge
55 zdiy switch
56 zdiy electric
57 zdiy electro
58 zdiy proton
59 zdiy glitch
60 zdiy electron
61 zdiy fm
62 zdiy ocsing
63 zdiy analog
64 zdiy effect

haiku specifications

51 vintage drumboxes
13 diy soundsets
16 pads
120 patterns

master box selector
random pads buttom
random pitch buttom
modwheel lowpass
global pitchbend

control by midi pads, modwheel and pitchbend
freeze effect
grainslice effect
slice modulation effect

haiku midi

pads by noteon
midi output from step sequencer note 35 to note 51
sync to seq
freeze effect on C3 note60
loop on controller 2
spin on controller 3
spin time on controller 4
jitter on controller 5

grainslice effect on D3 note62
slice a on controller 6
slice b on controller 7
lenght on controller 8
lenght mod on controller 9
random x on controller 10
random y on controller 11
slide on controller 12
slide mod on controller 13
asym on controller 14
decay on controller 15

slice modulation on E3 note64
slice a on controller 16
slice b on controller 17
sncvar on controller 18
rev a on controller 19
rev b on controller 20

haiku manual

force all pads (master box) selector changes all 16 sounds.
find your flavour of soundset with force all pads (master box) selector
then edit individual sounds

random pads (red buttom) change all pads random.
but non randompad buttom can lock the pads.
random pitch (blue buttom) change all pitch random +- 1 octave
but non randompitch buttom can lock the pitch of each pad.
the redblue buttome changes both at the same time.

remember to save snapshot
snapshot is totalrecall of sounds and rhythm



SilverbirdLive v1.0
By Andre Goc

Silverbird on a higher level
we decided to take Silverbird to a higher level.

Several ideas and improvements were translated into action in endless night sessions and we are
now very proud to present Silverbird Live!

Now you are able to use this ensemble to create and
perform clubmusic liveacts standalone.

Some of the new features are:

- completly revised sequencers, pattern-data is saved now 100% secure with the snapshots (really!)
- pattern sequencer for creating longer sequences
- six sampler / sequencer slots
- two additional play modes (backward / forward-backward)
- automatic break function, offers randomly created breaks after a definable number of bars
- eleven modulation sequencers with fixed targets
- send effects (reverb / delay)
- improved amp-envelopes
- live performance surface on the b-panel including the most important parameters for live situations !
- snapshot manager, allows changing snapshots after a definable number of bars
- three live performance effects
- tapedeck and dj-like mixer section for creating transitions between songs
- random function
- midi in / out
- copy / paste sequencer data
– repeater for stutter effects
-complete new sounddesign/ new Drumsamples

A detailed user manual in pdf-format, read this for more information about all functions of SBL !!!

Please note: due to the complexity of this instrument, loading takes several seconds...



Snaps for Aliasing Synth v1.1
By Joeri Van Hove

Various Snapshots for the magnificent Aliasing Synth
These snapshots were produced in 44100 Hz, so please switch your reaktor accordingly. Some of these snapshots can easily entertain me without effort for at least a few minutes. General noise soundscapes, but some can be tweak into mad risers or downers. Protect your gear, some can get loud, so no loud volumes without previewing!
original ensemble:



Aurora v1.2
By Tuval Shiloah

Aurora Wavetable Synthesizer
Aurora is a versatile wavetable/VA synthesizer, with an easy to use interface, and full stereo path.

2 Wavetable oscillators, each containing 3 different banks of 100 different wave shapes - sum off 600 different wave shapes. FM.

2 VA oscillators with sin/tri/saw/square oscillators .FM,Sync

1 Noise Generator

FB unit, routable to get input signal from post filters or post FX points.

2 Filters LP/BP/HP/Comb routable in serial or parallel with saturation. Independent pan settings for filters in parallel mode, and Filter cross fade in serial mode(F1F2). Interesting routing options when in parallel mode using the oscillators Filter Select knob.

Chorus Effect

Delay Effect

Almost all parameters can be modulated, using the 2 Envelops, 3 LFOs and Step Sequencer or using the 2 Soft Knobs. Also available as modulation sources are Keytrack and Random. Setting the modulations source and amount is made easily for each parameter - with the modulation menus just under each knob.
Its all self explanatory with the INFO for each item.

Created and designed by Tuval Shiloah 2012
Wave shapes by Adventure Kid
Knobs and graphics created using KnobMan


BD FM v1.6
By Frank Thüm

Bassdrum Synthesizer Module
a Bassdrum Module using FM-Synthesis

added following functions to the B-View:
- Gate Mode (Sound plays as long as the note is hold)
- Pitch Mode (Pitch of the BD follows the Keyboard)


LazerBass Plus v4.0
By michael o'hagan

Expanded version of LazerBass
This is an expanded version of LazerBass with an LFO rate sequencer as well as bit crusher with a dedicated step sequencer and a filter and phaser/flanger unit, it keeps the lazerbass custom GUI intact.

Updated 02/29/2012

Now has new sequencers that do save snapshot data.


MadBoxR v1.0
By Ben Howard

Noise Drone Thing
I took MadBox by Jo Anning and replaced the static coeffecients with (hidden) knobs and added a randoMizer by rachmiel and added 2 core oscillator's (by Herw and Benjamin Podding) in addition to the original one which you can pick with the Racket switch.

Hit the randoMize button to refresh the SOUND bank and slowly move through the SOUND knob to see what you got. Its like a slot machine.


SineBeats v2.1
By Joeri Van Hove

Specialized sine wave kick drum generator
This one-trick-pony is specifically designed to generate a frequency modulated sine wave kick. This kind of kick drums is heavily used in psytrance, progressive trance & minimal techno.
The 'B' Panel reveals a custom made audio shaper to add extra punch. Extreme values will result in heavy saturation. Hardcore kicks are possible as well.
I recommend sampling the kick you like and triggering it from a sampler, this allows more control over the tail amp envelope.
This is my first serious ensemble so maybe it lacks a bit in programming finesse, but on my system CPU load was below 5% and no glitches or strange behaviour at all (MacBook Pro). It's a basic tool but something I wanted to make for a long time. Enjoy!

-- update v1.1:
added extra shaper models to the Destroy macro. '1' & '3' are very suitable from kickdrums, '2' & '4' are a bit noisier, more experimental. If you like the 1 knob destroyer just lift it out and save it to your library.
-- update v2.1:
Oscillators are now synced, so kicks are consistent every time. This makes fine-tuning the transition between Attack & Tail much easier.
Added alternative Triangle & Square oscillators to create more variation or add slight distortion before the Destroy macro.
Optimized Destroy macro
Added new snapshot bank with 25 new kicks & more diversity in sound.
Added fancy background image.


Sneaker! v1.0
By Carsten Brück

Synth with analog waveforms...
- experimental Synth with 3 oscillators , 2 offer analog waveforms.
- i think the strength of the synth are warm lead-sounds and experimental sequenced stuff...use the randomize-function ;-)
- Quick-Guide included..please read
- There is a bug in the Voice-Mode... if your switching too fast through the snapshots it happens often that a note off gets lost... i hope i can fix that if i find the time... so when you are zapping through the snapshots fast, don't turn the volume too loud
-you may use your own waves


Vangelis - Blade Runner v2.0
By Dmitriy Vasiliev

Sound from Blade Runner
This is classic synthesizer Soundforum with wheel (Pitch Bend). Purpose - to show a sound like the sound of Blade Runner.


Wilderbeast Super v1.3
By David Hobson

Big and Mighty!
Here is Wilderbeast.
The manual is written in each modules dialog box.