Best of Reaktor User Library july 2.012


rachToys 1.0.67 v1.0
By Jim Hurley

4 Toys from rachMiel

You will need to start the Reaktor clock to play this. It plays games with 4 of rachMiel's toys: g'Litch, g'LitchToo, sparDelay and spektreDelay. They can provide hours of entertainment, be an endless source of sample inspirations, or just annoy the neighbors and pets.

At any given time only one of the four is switched on and the rest are off in a quiet, glitch-free way - this saves a substantial amount of CPU.

There are 128 snapshots in three playing modes: play an individual toy and sample, randomize the toy selection but not the sample, or randomize the snapshot and sample.

The sound can come from the 128 samples using BeatLooper (if you turn on the Reaktor clock), from the external test tones in a hidden panel, or from external audio. Samples are available in a separate user library package: "Sample Map for rachToys". Download the map file and insert it in the Beatlooper sampler. (In Edit mode, right click on Beatlooper and click 'Open Map Editor', then in the editor, load the sample map to replace the empty map in the ensemble. Then save the ensemble.) (If the user library gives you an error - you can download the map file from here: )

There are many hidden panels in various panel sets (I like Automatic panel layout OFF and an HD format):

Ctrl 1 - shows everything
Ctrl 2 - shows g'Litch
Ctrl 3 - shows g'LitchToo
Ctrl 4 - shows sparDelay
Ctrl 5 - shows spektreDelay
Ctrl 6 - shows just the toys
Ctrl 7 - shows just the ensemble
Ctrl 8 - the B view

Most of these things came from rachMiel's ensembles, which I modified in some small ways to make them more compatible in this ensemble;
BeatLooper is from sonictwist (Twisted Tools);
Mastering Limiter and Final Prozessor are from Guenther Fleischmann;
The FFT display is from Gabriel Mulzer and Martijn Deluxe;OPen Map Editor
I needed the Event Watcher from Chris List to debug this;
Some other things were grabbed from the Reaktor Factory library; and
I made the samples and snapshots.

Some of the sounds can be tough on your system, so you can turn on a gentle low and high frequency cut. The Mastering Limiter prevents output overload no matter what happens. You could set that to do 8x oversampling if you have a fast CPU.

You shouldn't have to change any of the mixer levels on the four toys, but you can.

Bypass lets you hear the input sound without any of the toy effects.

There are some test tones and FFT displays in B views, lots of internal stuff for builders, and some internal surprises for the curious. The test tones don't require the Reaktor clock and can generate some useful effects, for example, the startup sound uses the 808 tone cluster noise.

This was made starting with the 'ToyChest' and 'QuietSwitches' user library ensembles.

A short audio mix of a group of presets is provided to give you an idea of the type of sounds it makes. These sounds are the actual unprocessed output (just cut up and mixed into a short format).

If you don't hear anything, turn on the Reaktor clock (...and sometimes the toys start up quietly until the delay lines fill (...and there are some bugs that I haven't figure out yet)).



Makey Beats v1.1
By kris keogh

Keymash! Drum Machine/Sampler/Looper/FX
Make rad beats by mashing your keyboard.
For standalone or VST use.

*4 x Cycling sample banks
*1 x Metronmone bank
*3 x Reloopers with assignable loop length
*Pre/post assignable, automated delay and stutter functions

No quantising - Make beats as wonky as you please.

Usage instructions included in ensemble.

Originally developed as a beatmaking interface for
Check it out!

Audio example of Makeybeats here:

Made by Kris Keogh in sunny Arnhem Land, NT, Australia, July 2012.
Made with bits of GoBox, Peter Dines tutorial ensembles



2 morph banks for Skanner XT 1.1 v1.0
By Jim Hurley

Skanner XT snapshots
2 morph banks for Skanner XT 1.1.

8 snaps in each bank.



herw modular m1 version 5.14 v2.2
By Herwig Krass

polyphone modular synth


herw MODULAR MINI 2 v4.1
By Herwig Krass

modular synthesizer
polyphon modular system with virtual wires and virtual keyboard
479 snaps

24 modules:
• P-01 MIDI (Pitch, Pitchbend, Controller, Gate, VelOn, VelOff, Aftertouch)
• C-01 SCO (4 multiple wave SCOs)
• C-11 NOISE (noise generator: colored, white, pink, 808)
• D-01 LFO (4 multiple wave LFOs)
• K-11 RM/AM (dual ring/amplitude modulator)
• K-01 MIXER L (Four-channel lin. mixer)
• K-03 MIXER E (Four-channel exp. mixer)
• F-01 ADSR (4 envelope generators)
• H-01 SCF 2-pole (12dB filter)
• H-02 SCF 4-pole (24dB filter)
• K-02 SCA (2 SCAs)
• O-04 Tube (preamplifier)
• O-05 Chorus
• O-06 Delay