Best of Reaktor User Library August 2.010


Splitter effect v1.0
By Urs Baumgartner

Multieffect based on the system of Splitter
Multieffect based on the system of Splitter but with 128 keys!



Cloud Splitter v1.1
By Urs Baumgartner

Modified Splitter
Modified Splitter by using a cloud Grain Sampler and expanded up to 128 keys!


Exodo v1.0
By paco calostro

Exodo is a simple ensemble of beats to create quick and easy way.



Formation v1.2
By Bradley Gray
Formant FM with Formant Filter, Grain Cloud, and multi FX
This stemmed from a post in the forum about recreating the FS1R in Reaktor.

Whilst I do not pretend that this even touches the FS1R, this is my 'proof of concept' prototype which I built after reading (and participating in) the discussion.

I will probably follow this up at a later date with a more efficient, flexible and complete implementation.

It consists of four or six FM operators. Four of them are an adaptation of the Reaktor Formant Oscillator core cell - starting as a sine wave, but with a formant control.
The other two are multimode filters but with sine and triangle oscillator modes, as well as a saturation waveshaper mode.

Next there is a stereo polyphonic Formant Filter - adapted from one in the UL which is in turn adapted from a factory instrument (which I couldn't find, hence the UL version) - with enveloped noise.
From there it passes into the stereo polyphonic Grain Cloud with modulation envelope.


Strontium v2.2
By Daniel Mondry

3osc mono, poly, unison synth.

3osc mono, poly, unison synth.
first osc has 61 waveforms from virus (thanks to Stephan V.).
2 multimode filter serial, parallel.
3 lfos, 2 mod envs and two pattern generators for modulation.
fx-section with chorus, phaser, sync echo (phaser center frq can be controlled via mod matrix).
pwm, simple fm and sync possible.

you can modulate the second lfo´s speed, waveform, width and phase via the other sources.
check that out!
some other features...

i did this mainly for getting a fat unison synth with wide (maybe too much?) modulation possibilitys.
it might need some time to get used to the slightly overcrowded panel, but i think it pays back.

there are still some annoyances with unison (mainly with pan-spread. its not distributed even on both sides)
but my knowledge of this is somewhat limited. help on this would be appreciated.


WhatWho Two v1.2
By John Bleech

synthesizer (for Reaktor 5.5)
uses multi-ramp oscillators