Best of Reaktor User Library April 2.009


By Jason Pottorff


a granular-feedback-delay-distorion-noise toy
All thanks to Peter Dines and his Very Simple Grainer. And the many others that made the little parts, too.
Chime in if you recognize your pieces.

A drone maker, for sure. I hope you can find a home for this (or please take it to the next level and share!),
even though I suspect many other ensembles do the same thing as this, only better. :)



ARP ODYSSEY Mk III V4 dysamoria bank 1.ssf v1.1
By Jace Cavacini

17 new ARP ODYSSEY Mk III V4 Snapshots by dysamoria
Here is a bank of 17 new snapshots for Andy Robins' ARP ODYSSEY Mk III V4 ensemble.

i figured since the ensemble doesn't come with many, i'd upload some snaps.

i had a hard time finding good things to do with this since this synth is NOT my kind of thing... but...
check them out as alternatives to what comes with Andy Robins' ensemble.
Some are playable as bass and/or lead, while some are sound-effect-ish...


Crumar Performer dysamoria bank 1.ssf v1.0
By Jace Cavacini

12 Snapshots for the Crumar Performer Ensemble
Here are 12 snapshots to get you started with the Crumar Performer Mk I ensemble by Andy Robins.



Chowning Machine v1.0
By joshua kern


Sequenced FM Oscillations
This is a machine that started as a drum machine and ended up being a little more.
Its now more of a noise machine with an emphasis on percussive sounds.
The sound sources are two FM operators and the bass drum from LVD by Martin Brinkmann.
There is also an autoperc unit from NewSkool. A. Smirnov contributed debugging and a bank of snapshots.
Horuschild contributed a few more direction options in sequencer two.
Thank you very much to both of you. Also as usual this is more me modifying than building so many
have work present, thank you goes out to each and everyone of you.
Look in the instrument description for credits:
Lazyfish, Horuschild, Peter Dines, CList, Rachmiel, Martin Brinkman, A. Smirnov, and Roy Campenella III.


Concept X V3 v1.0
By Stephan V.


Digital Synthesizer
This is the third version of my wavetable-fm synthesizer.
I was hardly thinking about if i should upload it, because it's now very close to NI's Massive.
But while Massive is more focused on subtractive synthesis, this one has more the character
of a fm synthesizer so it's somewhat different.
I've also written a short manual to give you an idea
how the very complex modulation routing in this instrument is handled.


Forest v1.3
By Aleksandr Smirnov


Experimental synthesizer for generating sounds of nature using noise colors and sine oscillators
First you must find... another shrubbery! (dramatic chord)
Then, when you have found the shrubbery, you must place it here,
beside this shrubbery, only slightly higher so you get a two layer effect
with a little path running down the middle. ("A path! A path!")
Then, you must cut down the mightiest tree in the forrest... with... a herring!

Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)

Forest is tool for ambient makers and people, who like to experiment a lot -
with this sound generator your can make almost all nature sounds.

Short manual and description of each module available inside ensemble.

This idea was inspired with previous project - colors of noises.


Mister Thick v2.0
By Chet Singer


Stereo synthesizer with 16 oscillators
This is a synth containing 16 oscillators per voice, arranged in two groups of 8 each.
The oscillators in each group can be detuned and spread across the stereo field.
This began life as an expansion of the Sixteen string machine.
The goal was to create a thick stereo sound without requiring a chorus device.

That’s about it. Other than that, this is a very simple instrument.
I just wanted something that had a thick stereo sound.

Like the Nord Lead series, the first group of oscillators can be FM-modulated by the second group,
and the second group can be synchronized to the first group.
Six waveforms are available: sawtooth, sine, triangle, pulse, formant, and tuned noise.
While making this, I learned that the core formant oscillator eats CPU cycles for breakfast.

I want to thank Jonathan Style for creating all of the graphics and a nice collection of snaps.
Also, don't miss the collection of alternate skins he provided.

V2: This update fixes a bug in the MIDI modulation system.
To fix it yourself without uploading this version, open the MIDI macro and turn off the Mono attribute
of the Mod Bus 1, Mod Bus 2, and Mod Bus 3 macros.
I've learned that the MIDI modulation system


Simple Guitar Synthesizer v1.0
By Wayne Joness

Simple Guitar Synthesizer
I was inspired by a Moog Freq Pedal demo.
I took my monophonic Fatman synthesizer, and used an external input (guitar)
as the sync source for oscillator 2. Oscillator 1 is still on the control panel, but it does nothing.
The external input (guitar) forces the sync of Oscillator 2, making it track the pitch of the guitar.
Making this work well depends on the settings of the input compressor, noise gate, and a low pass filter
used to roll off the treble from the guitar. These elements are common to all guitar synthesizers.
I was amazed at how well the whole thing works with minor tweaking.
This unit is monophonic. If you could input each string individually,
as with a hex pickup, you could create a very workable polyphonic guitar synthesizer in software only.
The other thing needed is a good envelope follower.