Best of Reaktor User Library october 2.013


Dark Star
by Bryan Lake

Triple-tap panned delay and true stereo reverb hugeness


This is it...the effects combo I've been slaving on for nearly three months now.
I wanted something specifically for ambient guitar,
something I could make huge ambient swells with, yet managed to stay under a 20% CPU load.

The reverb algorithm is not entirely my design.
Poseidon is a re-imagining of Boscomac's Floodverb,
but I made enough changes to the overall design that I feel comfortable
saying that I'm somewhat semi-responsible for Poseidon's unique character.

My favorite part is the Freeze button's link to the sustain pedal (midi controller 64).
This makes for beautiful swells. I also embedded the effects within a handsome routing matrix
that allows for both serial and parallel signal chains.

Trilogy delay is all me.
A very simple yet effective design, with dry/wet knobs for each delay line, simply labelled "Left", "Center", and "Right".
If the feedback knobs are turned up considerably,
in serial routing mode these delay lines can feed the "Shimmer" module
to get a nice Eno/Lanois-esque shimmer, a sound I quite enjoy on occasion.



by Dead Pacific


- 3 Oscillator Sections; 1000 waveforms each
- SUB Oscillator
- series/parallel filter bank
- Post Filter Distortion Unit (Still kinda Beta & Careful with the knobs)
- 32 Modulation sources
- 65+ Modulation destinations.

Take note:

-there are some Auxiliary modulation sources on panel B.
-features a filter between the wave table driver and the actual wave table.
Osc 1a is the oscillator driving the wavetable,
Osc 1b is the oscillator's output after the filter,
Osc 1c is the Output of the Wave Table, etc, etc


by Steven Bateman



This is my first synth with Reaktor,
I'm a guitarist but wanted to dabble in the world of synths so I figured the best way to start learning synthesis would be to build one.
I chose the OSCar because Oxford, where it was first conceived, is close to my stomping ground, I also love the quirkiness of the design.
It's not a faithful recreation but I think I've captured some of the spirit of the original.
Thanks to all the people who help out on the forums and to those who write or record the tutorials, I'd be completely lost without such help.
The name is just for fun and a play on words, although I have used core macros there is a lot of primary in there too.


by Dmitry Vassilev


8 Progressions ensembles