Best of Reaktor User Library october 2.011


4xPitchShifter v2.3
By Gerald Clemens Hauzenberger

Multi pitch shifter effect for vocals.
This ensemble is an attempt to simulate the pitch shifter effect of the multi-effects processor Boss SE-50 (patch 112). It features 4 parallel pitch shifters that can be used on vocals. In combination with shouting/screaming this creates the distortion-like effect used by various aggrotech bands like Suicide Commando, Psyclon Nine, Tactical Sekt, etc.

Created by Gerald Clemens Hauzenberger
Version 2.3

Changes (version 2.3):
- Minor GUI changes.



Drummachinewsky v2.0
By Tom Büttner

Analog-Style Percussion Synthesizer with 12-Track Sequencer
Synthesizer section:
- 12 multitimbral instruments, each with 3 oscillators specialized for drum, cymbal and hand clap sounds, combinable with FM operator or noise generator.
- Roll generator with adjustable meter, duration, and volume envelope
- Key range adjustable for each instrument
- 3 mute groups for hi-hat sounds
- Copy&paste for instruments, to other slots or snapshots
- FX section with eq, compressor, delay and reverb
- User-friendly GUI with finetuning controls, status display, modest screen space consumption
- Manual
- 12 preset kits with songs

Sequencer section:
- 12 sequencer tracks, each with 64 events and 6 modulation subtracks per track
- Available modulation types: pan, color, pitch, attack, decay, roll
- Song mode with 16 patterns
- Sophisticated random functions for one shot or dynamic note and modulation generation
- Each track has it's own settings for loop start and duration, shuffle, playback direction and random functions
- Track mixer section with gain, pan, mute, solo and input level meters
- Note and modulation grid editors with single track view or stacked view
- Copy and paste editing with event selection
- Real time recording of notes, Midi controllers and VST automation
- Track to Midi out
- Syncable to external or internal clock
- Stupid name


GoBox Mega! v1.6
By kris keogh

GoBox w/64 steps and new sequence functions
An update of the classic GoBox.

Sequencer increased from 16 to 64 steps.

The two synced sample modules now have event table sequencers and pitch variation.

8-bit skin for your viewing pleasure.



Nord Rack v2.0
By Tom Büttner

Subtractive Synth
- 2 oscillators with 13 waveforms, frequency modulation, phase modulation, ring modulation, sync
- 1 filter with 5 filter types and frequency modulation
- 2 LFO's
- volume envelope, filter envelope, modulation envelope
- poly mode and percussion mode
- arpeggiator and Midi echo
- FX section
- lots of other features
- some banks with snapshots
- manual
- no performance mode (not multitimbral)