Best of Reaktor User Library May 2.009


DTPL DarqDelay v1.0
By Saul Galgut


A Delay based effect for audio destruction
An effect unit for creating a variety of delay based effects aimed at mangling the input source.
Good for creating Strange sounds, glitchy grooves and IDM beats.

Consists of a gllitchy gater and four delay units, each able to feedback to itself and the next delay unit.

The Gater will free run if there is no tempo source (sequencer or Reaktor) but will sync in the presence of one.

The delay units can be synced to tempo or set to an arbitrary time

Each unit also has its own adaptive bitcrusher (crush amount scales with voulme), saturator and noise gate.


Echolette S NG51 emulation v1.1
By Urs Baumgartner


Tube-Tape-Echo Emulation
I hope you'll like it!

Credits to:
B. deJong and Gabriel Mulzer for the Braun Tube III
Bernd Keil for the Knobs



SplitterFader v1.2
By Christian Björklund


Splitter mod for hands on live rythms playing and more

This is a modification of Splitter made mainly for playing live,
I actually did it for an installation where body movements where intepreted
into OSC messages but it's great fun to control with a midi fader too.

Use the fader to the right to trig sample slots 1-16, the decimals in between goes to the Seq mod input.
Make sure that the Reaktor clock is running since everything waits for sync pulses as it's quantized in real time.

The speed of the fader movement is used to calculate velocity if activated.

You can change quantization rate using the dropdown menu just above the fader.
There are two numbers, and to be able to quickly whift between two values simply right click the selector
to their left and use a midi button to control it.

Use the knob below the fader to set the notes hold time, it goes from nothing to one bar.
When set to max it holds for ever.

Other general changes to Splitter:

* Fixed a midi note in bug

* Added sustain level

* Added an "edit all" button, use to change a parameter for all slots at the same time.
This is automatically turned off as soon as a sound is trigged to avoid accidents.

* Added "Spread" button that automatically spreads the offset value over the slots,
so that if the same loop is used on all slots you can quickly get starting points on usable positions.

*B view, small and tidy



obvious V Ekuacion-martin brinkmann v1.2
By paco calostro


martin brinkmann ensemble ,Ekuacion/myspace
martin brinkmann ensemble.revisado por Ekuacion solo el diseño y el modulo master.



simplex v2.0
By Dieter Zobel


small synth,
very simple. thanks to Sandy Small
for nice core oscillators.


Virtuator.mod v1.2
By John Bleech


Virtuator modification

Virtuator.mod is a modification of Virtuator, an R3 Classic synthesizer from the Legacy Premium Library.
My modification expands on the features, fixes some old bugs and introduces new ones.
Most of the new snapshots are based on the old.