Best of Reaktor User Library july 2.013


RezoneNew with Bank 1 v1.0
By David Coffin

128-snap bank for Rezone, bubu's modeled string player
Rezone is one of my all-time favorite User-library creations. It's a physically modelled string device with a few choice controls that make it extremely powerful. I spent the weekend loving it all over again, and can't resist posting the snaps I found for it...along with some very realistic bowed strings (re: mp3 file), look for ethereal chimes, fluttery strumming, motor sounds, great harpsichords and toy pianos, and some gorgeously harsh, clangorous metallic the one that insisted on being called ChainsawBow...check 'em out...all kudos to bubu!

PS: The ensemble is NOT included here; just search for reZone in the library. But I took the liberty of renaming a few of the enigmatically labelled controls as I figured them out, and post a gif of the results here; the new labels aren't precise, but they may point the way if you don't read bubu-lish. Also, you'll see in the original that there are some audio-processing snaps. I could never get this aspect of the enseble to work, so I ignored just turning off the Input Controls you'll see labeled here; turned 'em back into synth patches. Maybe audio processing will work for you...

PSS (Aug 3 2013): Including my version of this grand synth, because it seems to crash 5.8 when I try to load these snaps into the original version or ReZone. Will certainly take it down if anybody objects!


SAAG v2.0
By jakob juhkam

Minimoog clone
My first instrument in Reaktor. Minimoog clone, named Saag. (Saag means "Saw" in estonian)
Obviously, as you see, the main effort has gone to graphical side of this thing..
Hope that everything "inside" is clean and right aswell.

Keyboard action (pitch and mod wheel) and external input still coming.