Best of Reaktor User Library september 2.011


Horizont v1.0
By Dmitriy Vasiliev

deep ambient with grathic
horizont - deep ambient with grathic - good for headphone



IO - SuperSaw v1.1
By John Saunders

IO - Stereo SuperSaw Synth
** This requires Reaktor 5.6.1 **

This synth is dedicated to the supersaw sound. No other oscillators are included.

The width and mix controls how wide the supersaw goes and how much the other 6 oscillators are mixed in.

The architecture is fairly simple, with a upper and lower (selectable) supersaw. Each supersaw is able to be panned across the stereo field for those really wide pad sounds.

It also features 3 dedicated LFO's, 1 each for pitch, filter and amplitude respectively which can be individually midi tempo synced.
I've made extensive use of the stacked macro to prevent screen clutter.

Finally, you have to hold down the 'store' button for longer then a second to store a patch. This is a safety feature.

Please provide feedback.

UPDATE: I've put it into a ensemble instrument and added a limiter on the output to somewhat tame the output.


Moog Prodigy v1.0
By Frank Feldt

Adaption of Moog Prodigy
This is a smaller Version of Prodigy, you do not have to scroll so that is fitted better in DAWs Like Cubase, Reaper etc.

I re arange the Prodigy version from Dave Pape :

Now it looks realy like the original Moog Prodigy synthesizer.


MoonRizer VA synth v3.1
By John Saunders

MoonRizer - A VA Synth
This is my first Reaktor synth so there are bound to be a few (or many) mistakes and opportunities to optimise. Any pointers would be helpful.

This is loosely based on the IOS synth Sunrizer. It's main features being the use of the super saw. I've modelled my super saw on the Roland jp8000 synth which I hope the correct spread pattern and volume controls. Like the original, I've deliberately used aliasing sawtooth oscillators to create the correct sonic character.

I've 'borrowed' many of module from other ensembles in the library so a big thank you to previous contributors.

I'll add more snapshots when I can get around to it.

Finally, it is a bit cpu heavy :) I hope you like it.

UPDATE: I've added a 12db mode to the low pass filter and tarted up the graphics.

UPDATE2: I've corrected a small bug with the hp filter in the super saw macro.


Phobos v1.0
By John Saunders

Phobos - Modern VA
This is my second attempt at making a modern sounding VA synth with the classic supersaw oscillators. I think I got closer this time.

This on is much easier on the CPU then my last ensemble (MoonRizer).


I've added some of the more classic supersaw synth patches. Please add some more and post them