Best of Reaktor User Library september 2.016


A Memory of Light
by Nick Dwyer

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A Memory of Light features 40 sounds that bypass the usual waveform synthesis. Instead it combines a wind-synth oscillator with a noise generator through a pair of reverbs and a tape delay to create a mix of ethereal, powerful and lonely textures.

A huge thanks to Blocks creators Sandy Small ( and Michael Hetrick ( for their creative work that inspired this synth.


by Paule Amca

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4 m b 1 3 n c 3 g 3 n 3 r 8 t 0 r and w 4 t c h 1 n g r 3 v 3 r b

based on
ambience generator built on 'who is here ?' technology
l a z y f i s h , n o v e m b e r 2 k

new handmade snapshots:

Thanks to sowari:
the humming backgrounds are vasnished using his macro from 2004.


by Shiro Fujioka

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The RandDrum ensemble is a random drum and melody/bassline ensemble.
this patch is driven by the Turing Machine... in a nutshell this block is a random looping sequencer that can be set to loop a repetitive sequence. This ensemble is great to use as a foundation to build songs on with out spending too much time programing drums. I included a bunch of snapshots demonstrating the range of this ensemble. feel free to use these snapshots in your songs and compositions and experiment with the ensemble and make your own snapshots.
Here's a youtube video explaining what's going on in the patch:


Sample Trader Beatbox
by Matthew Friedrichs

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I have added an example that uses a 1.8 second drum loop as the sample as a proof that you can load samples that are technically longer than one second if you think about it. That is just one of the cool things about having base pitch totally detached from the sample reading.

This ensemble is built with two Sample Traders as the main oscillator with a Wavemasher as the sub oscillators. I use Wavemsher to tune my samples by ear to the pitch I want them to start at. These oscillators then get mixed by a Forge Decimator to add an extra layer of rich harmonics before hitting the Digital Delight multimode filter. A final VCA and Drive Eraser delay round out the output of the audio path. For modulation I have added three Bento ADSR blocks as well as a my own Mathematical for looping modulation.

This update adds the Sample Trader Beat Box example ensemble.

This ensemble is built to generate 4 part drum beats using the Radiation trigger generator and my Trigger Quantizer. Be sure to check out all 5 snapshots.



Amazing PEQ-1 FREE
by Gabriel Rodriguez

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The Amazing PEQ-1 FREE is a straightforward Overall Tone Shaping tool, capable of drastically change an audio source with its 1 Band Mid-Range Equalizer and its Preset Warmer.


- 1 Reaktor Ensemble
- 1 Band Parametric Equalizer
- Preset Warmer

Native Instruments' Reaktor 5.8 or newer (Full Version).

For more information please visit:



by david elson

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Granular sequenced sampler

dead simple
some samples included
drop them onto the waveform display



Xantos 2.0 R5
by AuReality aka Paul Swennenhuis

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Complex sequencer suited to build songs with



Another side of SOKOLOV
by Paule Amca

scma & Sokolex & NewscoolFT and LazyFiSh

Synthetic consonant mouth acrobatic map and 42 demo presets (SOKOLOV Manufaktur V2 aero spider) mutate with Snapshot Breeder by Colin Brown for SOKOLOV Manufaktur V2 by Tom Zellweger.
SOKOLOV_scma_02 via FORM (effected by FORM) map and 42 demo presets (SOKOLOV Manufaktur V1 our rush) mutate/adjust with Snapshot Breeder by Colin Brown for SOKOLOV Manufaktur V1 by Tom Zellweger.



by David Coffin

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Capitulating to popular demand, I'm sharing here an old ensemble lately discussed in a forum thread. I seem to recall buying this back in 2004, but then seeing a free updated version in the UL (Padrone 2.0, which is now back in the UL, updated to 2.2), so I went ahead, and am keeping it here simply because it's interestingly different than the 2.2 version. And now it's here with the maker's official blessing, much thanks to forum member PaHaMa who located Paul, cleared everything, inspired the appearance of the updated version and brings news of more to come; very good news, indeed. By all means go round up all his existing UL items, searching both for Paul Swennenhuis AND Aureality, since the results are different when you do.