Best of Reaktor User Library february 2.008


split signal delay v1.4
By Shalako Snell


Seperate signal path for dry and wet channels
WHY? I hear you say.. Well becacuse you can send the dry channel through an external set of effects and then you can send the wet channel thruogh a completely different set of effects.

The split signal delay is an idea I have had for a long time. I don't know if this is a new concept or if its been done before.

The dry siganl and the wet signal have a sperate signal path each with it's own filter (HP/BP/LP.)

The wet signal path has some extra features:
- Filter cut of LFO and Amount
- Delay time Modulation
- Feedback Signal Modulation
- Automatic Stereo spread

The Wet channel can be routed in 3 ways

-Channel 1 > Wet goes to Channel 1 only
-Channel 1&2 > Wet goes to Channel 1 and Channel 2
-Channel 2 > Wet goes to Channel 2 only

*The dry signal always goes to Channel. 2

The outputs for Channel 1 are Labeled C1L and C1R (which stands for Channel 1 Left and Right repectivley.)

The outputs for Channel 2 are Labeled C2L and C2R (which stand for Channel 2 Left and Right repectivley.)

In mono mode only the left input/output will work for both Channel 1 & 2.


WurzelPeter v2.0
By Dieter Zobel


an echo again
the interesting at echoes is that they repeat themselves



ranDrum v1.3
By rick scott


abstract drum monstrum (read NOTE to download file!)

generates crazed nonmetrical aperiodic beats.
i like to let it run, record,
and edit until i have a cool groove.



Carbon One Bass Snapshots v2.0
By spencer baggotts

18 Bass sounds popularized by Dubstep and Drum n Bass...and some weird bass
Bass Snapshots for one of my favorite synths Carbon one.

I've made some Wobble and some Reese basses and synth bass sounds that i like.



Alkesynth v1.0
By riccardo ferri


Monophonic multiosc fm Synth + sequencer
I made this ensemble in Reaktor 4 some years ago, i'm still using it a lot, can't live without it seriously!! ;)
I've made a little revision for Reaktor5 and also i've filled every knob/button with all informations, if you want to understand it ENABLE TOOLTIPS!!!

Alkesynth is basically a Monophonic Synth with 2+1 oscillators and a Noise Generator. Oscillators Are both Analog and from an Audio Table, you can add new waves recording from itself, or from an external input, or just drawing it with your mouse..
Analog and Digital Oscillators are now switchable to save resources.
Now "Width" slider controls sine par and tri aswell
It has indipendent multi oscillator FM and RingModulator, a declicker, a sync Delay and a Sync LFO.
Distortion Macro is a modified version taken from "blue matrix".
Internal sequencer has 1 table for writing melodies plus 2 other assignable control tables.
There's another Special Table that you can use in 3 modes (c-64, melody and time offset).

You can control the synth by an external midi if you want, bypassing all tables, just press "Ext midi" button, or else you can write your sequence directly on tables, just press "rec mode" button. You can use it also as sequencer to control other vst/ensembles and/or instruments.

There's a custom made randomizer for all tables with some rules for the notes, trying to get harmonic randomizations.

Notes about Global Randomizing: I have excluded from randomizing the following objects: all "seq" & "length" knobs, all "random" macro, "ext Midi", "rec Mode", "Ext Wave", "rec" Buttons, "digit/anal", "dist SW", "on" Switches, "Master", "tune", "fine tune", "time offset" and "time tuning" Knobs.

Everything fits on a 1024*768 monitor

Enjoy! :)

To Do list:
- Add more oscillator wave tables
- Add WaveShaper
- Add more mod and lfo destinations
- Snapshot dependant tables ??
- Polyphonic???

Known Bugs:
-legatos causes note off problems when used as midi player, use monophonic sounds to avoid that.

I've made 27 presets for a quick tour, do not miss them!! ;)


M'PD v1.1
By John Bleech


a phase-distortion synthesizer

A phase-distortion synthesizer based on CaZio01 by Martin Brinkmann and PHM by Christoph Bielen. Knobs and colors are from Carbon 2.

v1.1 : Smaller footprint; scopes are on panel B. Lowered default number of voices to 6 and sample rate to 33075. A couple of new snaps.


Nucleus v1.1
By Oliver Saherwala


Sequencer-modulated FM-Synth
This is a simple FM-Synth using different sequencer-like modulation sources to alter the played sound. It is made to create Rythms and Soundeffects. It will need some CPU-Power on older Computers and laptops. No idea how to change that.

Please press PLAY before playing this Synth. As always be careful changing snapshots cause it can produce very loud noise.

Thanks to Jonathan Style for his wonderful Panelelemts. All of them !


Tentacle v2.0
By Donovan Stringer


(very)Quick and fuzzy mod of Tripbox 2
Time is precious for I seem to have none at all.

I enjoyed playing around with Tripbox. I wondered what it's generative nature would sound like applied to something a bit meatier.

Like Subharmonic.

With a Fuzz macro.


note: use ensemble snapshots as per Mr Dorfler's suggestion. Access modified Subharmonic instrument via panelsets window.

1.1 update: Had a few extra minutes. New snaps(remember to use the ensemble snapshots!), some GUI changes, and minor sound engine tweaks.

Thanks to Mr Dorfler for this fun instrument!


tripbox two v1.1
By Michael Dörfler


space tv...
lt. uhura is watching tv tonight... ;)

read the infotext of the scope...

i used rick scotts randomizer macro...