Best of Reaktor User Library september 2.013


Sound Propeller v1.0
By Fredrik Andersson

Rotary speaker approximation
Created to try out some ideas I had about how to approximate a rotary speaker to avoid phasing artifacts and muffled sound as I noticed several rotary emulators had.

A recommendation is to try run other tracks through this as an effect, in particulary as a send effect I've tried synthtracks etc and it adds an interesting color and effect to the sound that really doesn't remind me of rotary simulation at all.


By Jedinhopy Xelon

Filterbank pitch correction
128 resonances are volume tracked to recreate the original sound.

128 resonators are tuned to a user defined pitch scale.

Then a compressor is added to normalize the music volume.

And out comes new music.

Planned features are:
1. advanced midi keyboard mapper

2. all octaves editing + microtuning

3. bypass user defined spectrum chunks that should not be manipulated

4. FFT buffer size emulation

5. windowing emulation

6. spectral leakage emulation

7. water morph (river lake sea liquid transformations)



Weirdo v1.2
By Andre Goc

Grain Atmos
Weirdo is a experiment to
generate atmospheres and
soundscapes for music.

The basic idea was to control a grain module with rec-faders.

Thank you Kristian Thom. for the great AutoControl Collection.
The faders are modified tocreate sync. needed



SilverbirdLive v2.0
By Andre Goc

Silverbird on a higher level

we decided to take Silverbird to a higher level.

Several ideas and improvements were translated into action in endless night sessions and we are
now very proud to present Silverbird Live!

Now you are able to use this ensemble to create and
perform clubmusic liveacts standalone.

Some of the new features are:

- completly revised sequencers, pattern-data is saved now 100% secure with the snapshots (really!)

- pattern sequencer for creating longer sequences

- six sampler / sequencer slots

- two additional play modes (backward / forward-backward)

- automatic break function, offers randomly created breaks after a definable number of bars

- eleven modulation sequencers with fixed targets

- send effects (reverb / delay)

- improved amp-envelopes

- live performance surface on the b-panel including the most important parameters for live situations !

- snapshot manager, allows changing snapshots after a definable number of bars

- three live performance effects

- tapedeck and dj-like mixer section for creating transitions between songs

- random function

- midi in / out

- copy / paste sequencer data

– repeater for stutter effects

-complete new sounddesign/ new Drumsamples

A detailed user manual in pdf-format, read this for more information about all functions of SBL !!!

Please note: due to the complexity of this instrument, loading takes several seconds...

We hope you`ll have fun and spend a lot of time with playing Silverbird Live!


-sort the IDs to automate
any silverbird parameter with DAWs!

-renewed the sample-maps!
because of problems
with some samples and some integrated maps since the reakor 5.8 update.



noisler 2 v1.1
By quirin obermaier

noise creator
Noisler 2 is a extended version of noisler 1

it´s a tool to create various noise sounds.