Berst of Reaktor User Library april 2.010


Stab FX v1.1
By Bagnoud Hervé

Stab FX
FX section of the Stabmachine :
delay, dual delay,flanger, reverb and a matrix.

Credits :

Stabmachine fx engine By Martin Brinkmann
Knob design By Bernd Keil



Xdrum2 v2.0
By Poul Vestergaard

49 vintage rhythm composers with random selection
Xdrum2 is a sample based rhythm composer for reaktor 5.
it has more than 860 audio samples (80MB) from 49 vintage rhythm composers, and then 15 aditional soundsets.
Besides that it has around 99 preset classic and electronica preset patterns

New features.
The red buttom changes all pads randomly unless the "non randompad" buttom is pressed.
The blue buttom changes pitch for all pads randomly +- 1 octave unless "non randompitch" buttom is pressed.
And the dualcoloured redblue buttom changes both at the same time.

big inspiration from:
LIME.lite v1.1
by Jörg Remmer Müller

stuff copied:

by Vitaly Zolotarev

exciter the Fixer v1.1
by Flemming Bloch

martin brinkmann

and others....


01 acetone rhythmkin
02 akai xr10
03 alesis hr16
04 boss dr110
05 boss dr220e
06 boss dr550
07 c64 sid
08 casio mt500
09 casio rapman
10 casio rz1
11 cheetah specdrum
12 emu edrum
13 emu sp12
14 gem drum15
15 hammond autovari64
16 kawai acr20
17 keio checkmate
18 korg ddd1
19 korg ddm110
20 korg kpr77
21 korg kr33
22 korg minipops
23 linndrum 9000
24 mattel synsonic
25 mti ao1
26 mxr 185
27 oberheim dx
28 pearl drx1
29 roland tr707
30 roland cr78
31 roland cr8000
32 roland r8
33 roland tr33
34 roland tr606
35 roland tr727
36 roland tr808
37 roland tr909
38 sakata dpm48
39 sequentialcircuits drumtracks
40 sequentialcircuits tom
41 simmons sds9
42 simmons sds1000
43 technics ax5
44 vermona drm1
45 visco spacedrum
46 wurlitzer swigingrhytm
47 yamaha pss140
48 yamaha rx5
49 yamaha rx15
50 zdiy circuit
51 zdiy klingklang
52 zdiy hiphop
53 zdiy human
54 zdiy nudge
55 zdiy switch
56 zdiy electric
57 zdiy electro
58 zdiy proton
59 zdiy glitch
60 zdiy electron
61 zdiy fm
62 zdiy ocsing
63 zdiy analog
64 zdiy effect

haiku specifications................

49 vintage drumboxes
15 diy soundsets
more than 860 samples
16 pads
99 patterns

master box selector
random pads buttom
random pitch buttom
modwheel lowpass
global pitchbend

control by midi pads, modwheel and pitchbend

haiku midi.........................

pads by noteon
sync to seq

haiku manual..................

force all pads (master box) selector changes all 16 sounds.
find your flavour of soundset with force all pads (master box) selector
then edit individual sounds
random pads (red buttom) change all pads random.
but non randompad buttom can lock the pads.
random pitch (blue buttom) change all pitch random +- 1 octave
but non randompitch buttom can lock the pitch of each pad.
the redblue buttome changes both at the same time.

remember to save snapshot
snapshot is totalrecall of sounds and rhythm



Waveweaver ED bank v1.0
By Don Dailey

Bank of snaps for Waveweaver ED
Just a short bank. Make sure PLAY is on.



Polaris 2010 v1.0
By Stephan V.

This is a facelift of an ensemble I uploaded some years ago.
I like the sound of this small and simple instrument, but I didn`t like it's appearance so,
I decided to spend some time on it.
There are also some changes in the modulation section with more flexible LFOs.
Comes with 25 snaps.


WaveWeaver ED v1.0
By Mario Kruselj

A bit modified version of WaveWeaver
This was done a LONG time ago, so I forgot everything I modified.
Here's some things that are obvious:

* Repositioned some panel elements
* Changed color scheme to white
* Added value display for some parameters that need visual display of their value
(for example detuning, wavetable select, etc.)
* Changed filter section - replaced the normal filter with Moog, Prophet and Juno lowpass.
Made them into a stacked macro so that for each filter you get its own response!
* Added switches to some parts of the synth to reduce CPU load on patches that don't use them (drive, lo-fi, etc.)
* Added AD envelope to noise
* Improved tooltips
* some other stuff I can't remember.